Worth it?

As Im typing this my left part of my body feels paralyzed from the countless falling (okay maybe its countable) during CCA today.

Left arm, left elbow, left knee, left hip, whats left of my left half of my body?

Ok that was a stupid pun.

Ah, it’s been a long time since I last used my laptop – the convenience of a light-weighted Macbook takes away all the happy moments with this laptop.

But yes anyway now I’ll be doing my LA Podcast and my Chinese composition which I have absolutely no idea what to write about. Oh and OBS reflective essay – I’ve got to cut down on words. I’ve exceeded the 500-word limit by 500 words. Hahhahaha ok thats pretty awkward.

This week has been extremely hectic – I guess that’s March holidays for a typical student.

Monday – PSL + CCA all in the morning.

Its awesome how I can actually go for both without feeling bad not going to the other. Although I did feel bad ultimately and before that and after that. All for different reasons. Its a complicated issue altogether.

And I felt pretty cool being a Secondary 3 and actually having four obedient Secondary 2 PSLs listen to my crap about school tour. That feeling of importance… hahaha. And the Secondary 2s in my group were being awfully nice and bonded – though during break my group didnt have chips and fried nuggets and fried chicken wings and all that, they actually had pretty little plates, utensils, a loaf of bread, cold cheese, cold ham, tuna and cuttlefish (still thinking how that links to all the other stuff) hehe.

Went for CCA afterwards and I felt like I was the only one who couldnt get the new blocking right. Too fat to squat properly already. But yes I think I get it now.

And went back to PSL after CCA and saw the pretty banner the secondary 2s (and sec 3s?) did and it was pretty. What else can I say.

Tuesday – Script-meeting & Wicked the Musical

Felt awfully weird (and sad) that morning. Rachelow said I look disheveled (like a leaf? ;D) but yeah okay. Guilty to say this but I felt like I havent been paying attention dutifully throughout the meeting as I was irritating Xue Rui… over her small red water bottle. This takes talent. And then target shifted to Rachelow HAHA. Act 4 had quite a few bit of details to edit and I think Im done with my part already.

Watched Wicked and it really was an awesome musical. Couldnt help but think about all the backstage work again. Effects of a TCN member. Overall it was good and nice and fabulous and splendid and the cast was really good. They improvised on the spot for some errors and yeah green skin is not too bad. Im talking about green skin itself – its not another name for Elphaba.

Wednesday – Full-day CCA

As long and draggy as that might sound, surprisingly CCA didnt feel all that long to me. First time being in the Judo room (ah duh) in Nanyang Boarding School and the floor was hella awesome I didnt feel a single thing (ok maybe like muscle ache or something only) each time I fell. Blockings were more or less finalized on Wednesday and I think I’ve memorized all the lines in the world I had with occasional mindblanks. This is so depressing somehow the spellcheck is switched on and in this particular paragraph there are so many red squiggly lines underneath words. And there were many breaks :D and Rachelow bought the club (for people who wanted) Starbucks! Had Java Chip decaf and this Jiayi kept drinking from mine though she complained it was bitter – just not “as bitter as the rest”. And before I knew it my whole cup was gone minutes after I started drinking it I guess.

Thursday – CCA

Rehearsal at the audi today was a bit terrifying. Brought back to the daunting reality that the performance will most definitely and most likely be on hard ground = pain = paralyzed left half of body = left arm, left elbow… you get my point.

Before that had a productive study session with June Yu and the unexpected Cheryl Yau. Shin Ler overslept  but its okay. Went for lunch with Kelda and June Yu afterwards at KAP and had the awesome seaweed shaker fries. Damn awesome.

Back to CCA – felt a bit queasy during Cover Space so I sat out at Level 9 and 10. Today’s Level 10 was better than yesterday’s Level 10. It was my first time sitting out today and I think sitting out is pretty cool – seeing Cover Space from the outside. Seeing people covering space and trying to run for their lives (aka the push-your-limit point) was interesting. And it made me want to join back in again which I did subsequently.

Tomorrow will be SLC day. I think this March holidays have been dedicated to my commitments which brings me to the title if its worth it or not, like what my mother said. Sacrificed school homework, sacrificed family time, sacrificed eating time, sacrificed sleeping time… but it was fufilling, with Monday being PSL Exco stuff, Tuesday being Scripting Team stuff, Wednesday and Thursday solely on CCA, Friday on SLC. It pretty much summarizes all my commitments (Maybe Sunday should be dedicated to Japanese) but yes.

Feeling so tired right now.

Mentally and physically.

I shall do my LA podcast now.

Before WWIII ;D


“It’s just the way life is, little one.”