Who Ate the Cookie in the Cookie Jar

Have you ever wondered why talents get buried?

Me: (singing my lungs out passionately) I BELIEVE I CAN FLY~~~~ I BELIEVE-

Mum: You can’t. You’re too heavy.


Hahaha anyway hello everybody.

Quite a few things happened over the past two weeks and I don’t exactly know where to begin!! But I’ll try to do this in chronological order.

BUT first things first, happy (belated) birthday Mummy. You’re the most amazing person on the planet and I don’t know what I’ll do without you. I’m saying this from the bottom of my heart and I swear I love you loads loads loads loads loads more than you can ever imagine.

(Your dedication will come soon……… good things are worth waiting for)


Honestly things are only going to get disastrous from here and Math is probably the only decent subject.

Not going to go into gore and details because my blog is rated PG (I self-rated it because self-assessment is key to success) (what the heck did I just say) and it’s disgusting to watch people complain or whine about how badly they’re going to do, so let’s skip that.

BT1. 10%.

‘Nuff said.

Oh wait! I love having afternoon papers. The feeling is magical. Because I woke up at 9am every day. And 9am sounds greater than 6.45am.

And if you wake up earlier than 6.45am on a daily basis, my love will get you through. Please don’t scold me.

Okay the end.


It should have been the norm to cheer your head off and hang out with your friends as happy as can be after Block Tests, but I didn’t feel especially happy. (Could be because Bio was terrible)

Went for amazing lunch with the people I care most about (one was missing because she was suffering having lunch with Ms Craycray-Pls-Stop-Talking) but we reunited thereafter to watch Z-Feng Bao.

I love Hong Kong shows/movies/dramas and stuff la okay (partly because of my nationality LOL kidding) and Louis Koo was great. Dada Chen’s debut as a (half-)decent character was pretty entertaining. Overall the show was pretty much typical and predictable but I still loved it a lot for some strange reason. If you have nothing better to do with life, you can watch happy movies like these rather than sob your heart out watching Gus die. Okay? Okay.

(Sidenote: Is it an accomplishment for me to have not read/watched TFIOS? Yes? Yes.)

Anyway some photos from that very day:


Most exciting bit of today’s post for most of you because all of you are terrible beings who enjoy my suffering and pain. THIS SECTION WILL ANSWER YOUR PERSISTENT QUESTIONS ON WHETHER OR NOT I HAD FUN.

(And with K’s demanding “I expect it to be funny”…………..)

If you know me personally (you don’t even have to be close to me), you’ll know sports/outdoor adventures/related stuff and me are not complementary. It’s like mentos to sprite, thymine to guanine, iPhone to Samsung, Brazil to Germany, NLB to special books… if you force both parties together, nobody’s gonna be happy. Nobody. N O B O D Y.

But somehow before I arrived at Broga, I had this short-lasting mindset:

Oh wait before we really talk about Broga, we sat through a morning of workshops and then got split up into 6 groups. And my closest babies weren’t with me. Thankfully, Wee Ling was in the same group as well so things weren’t too intolerable! (Thank you for everything Wee Wee much love for you)

Anyway I was pretty much with people I didn’t know la BUT they turned out to be really really lovely people :) Shoutout to Chyi Fang and Sharlene for being incredibly lovely people :’) But on the whole Group 1 was lovely la even though I was being this socially awkward person (as per normal) and appearing to be a loser. (Confidence level was -2189372189372819 because like the majority of people at the camp were from Sports & Games???)

Anyway we reached Broga pretty late that night and lets not get down to details…….

But here is a picture of our room!

Slept on the top bunk of the middle section which was right below the air-conditioner. I was literally 50cm away from the air-con but contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t that bad. :)

With Weijia!

We got to choose our own bedsheets/blankets/pillow cases.

And I am not a n00b okay my bed sheet isn’t covering the bed entirely because the elasticity part wasn’t at its best state already.

Dinner that night – fried chicken + watermelon + vege + rice + 100% concentrated mango drink!! Was really good :)

Second day was spent doing the following activities:

rock climbing -> rapid tubing -> caving -> waterfall abseiling

I kid you not, it sounds as scary as it really is.

But that being said, I enjoyed them all.

It was madness – but really really fun madness.

No photos for today because it was ridiculous to bring my phone around + too tired at night to even do anything hahaha.

And I didn’t manage to climb to the top for rock climbing because my skinnier hands cannot support my fat lower half body (really need to do something about this…) and I tried at least 189371289329 times but nope, it wasn’t my lucky day.

But I did try my best!

Rapid tubing lasted about 2.78 seconds. Hahaha. The momentary rush of water up my nose was great. Not too bad.

And caving was really really fun – before that I have completely no idea what caving meant. But really it was climbing over rocks, under rocks, on rocks… And that was this really fun part where we were totally submerged underwater and surprisingly everybody’s (or most people’s) torchlights survived?!

Waterfall abseiling actually looks/sounds very scary but when you’re doing the actual thing it’s amazing. (I know my first go at abseiling was at P5 at some SparkC thingy near ECP.) The fact that you know you’re completely safe makes the entire journey down much better.

Found this image via Google! If I’m not wrong this is the same waterfall?? But okay even if it wasn’t, it looked like that. Hahahah.

Unfortunately, because I was perhaps one of the last 10+ to go, the first batch of people already went back to camp. Watched the remaining people abseiling down and it was actually pretty entertaining!!!

While waiting for the van/truck/dubious vehicle back to camp, a topless chubby man riding his motorbike drove past and he drove really close to Wee Ling while smiling creepily. Hahah she was scarred for life.

Anyway when we finally got back to camp, it was pretty late – more than an hour later than the first batch! We had BBQ/normal food for dinner that night and an amazing campfire show. Not going to share spoilers for that one! But it was incredible and unbelievable la.

Oh my god I must tell you before we get to each individual activity, there is some hiking/trekking to do. Honestly I don’t know how I didn’t roll off some steep cliff or anything + shoes were breaking apart with all the water and mud and sand, but I almost died while walking to the waterfall.

Theres this vehicle which will send us to a point where there is no more road, and then everyone has to walk the remaining parts la. And I thought rock climbing was bad enough. BUT NO.

The one up the waterfall was crazy.

Literally climbing upwards at some point and I was so tired and sweaty that sweat was going into my eyes. I am not a sporty lady so this amount of sweat is not quite normal for me okay you have to understand that. You’re reading the diary of a sports loser. This is not part of my everyday life.

Thinking back those trips were really terrifying.

Anyway after campfire the second night, I really just slept through the night because I was really deadbeat tired and wake-up call for the next morning was 5.15am.

If I thought the hike up to the waterfall was bad, the hike up Broga was 102389137x worse.

The hike was supposed to be “relatively easy” and about 45mins?

But no no baby, “relatively easy” is way too much an understatement.

I find it a need to reiterate again and again I AM AN UNFIT (WO)MAN and it really takes a lot of effort on my part to hike up a hill.


IT WAS A HILL (not a mountain or anything more majestic) but I almost died.

I get it. At this point in time, you’ll probably be like “it’s just you ok you’re the major loser” BUT NO. SPORTY FIT LADIES FOUND IT TOUGH TOO????? (Unless they’re lying to me or trying to make me feel better. Okay they probably are.)

But honestly that 8km hike up was oh-my-mamma-mia.

I was literally on all fours because there was this entire section which was vertical.


Like a ladder???

But theres really no support/real steps, but okay la you just have to know how painful it was for me.

I wanted to just give up and sit on the hugeass rock and wait for the rest to come down.

But yes I persevered till the very end (because Chyi Fang and Sharlene wouldn’t let me sit on the hugeass rock) and reached the peak!!!!!

And everything was worth it. :)

Some pictures I took!!

S7C kids!

Gwyneth refuses to send me the 206 pic so that’ll have to do!!

And Group 1′s photo isn’t with me either! :(

But you see, guys, when you get yo butt up there, you gotta get it down.

Definitely the trip down was WAY better than the trip up, even though it was a lot more dangerous (actually not really, the way up was pretty bad)…

Thereafter we had this Outbac Adventure Race thing when we all had to make Milo – with all the equipment we would get along the way for completing each station.

And homegirl nearly died once again but yes I pulled through.

Gruelling morning which terrified me countless times but left me happy and satisfied.

That’s about it for Outbac @ Broga.

Following that was an 7 hours plus trip back to SG… reached about 930?


The End.

I lived happily ever after. (Still recovering from all the bruises and abrasions but I feel like a true young soldier)

I hope the above recount didn’t send off any negative vibes about Outbac @ Broga – the instructors were lovely, inspiring and motivational, Campfire was amazing, activities were fun, food was great, rooms were amazing… there really wasn’t anything to complain about.

The only pessimism came from yours truly, but really, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience I don’t think I’ll ever quite forget. :)

If you ask me if I’d like to go back – maybe, with family and friends. The experience will be a lot more different in my opinion!!

Back to School after 1.25 Months


Xin Jie and Isabel were flirting with each other so no pics.

Thankful for lovely people around. ^^

This segment sounds really half-hearted but it’s really not. The stories and emotional baggage behind the word “Sian.”…. you’ll never know.




Okay that was complete bull.

Pls wait patiently for more exciting things to happen other than tutorials, integration, mock SPAs and rate = k[A]^m[B]^n.

Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.

Mama’s Birthday

As mentioned above… thank you mummy for everything.

You’re the best. Really. You will get a heartfelt dedication really really soon.

Had buffet dinner (which isn’t ever worth it for me because I don’t even eat like crazy) which was pretty good!! (Loving snow crab)

Mummy, I love you a lot a lot a lot. Kiss kiss.

Hope you had a happy birthday this year… happier ones to come. I love you.

Thank you for being the best mummy anyone can ever ask for and for being my best friend.

Ni shi zui hao de, ni zhi dao ma?

TCN x Batch 13

Also went back to Nanyang on Friday to catch TCN’s production!

It was amazing, really.

Super happy for the juniors because of the tremendous success!!

Really enjoyed the play throughout hehe possibly one of the most amazing plays I’ve ever watched.

A lot more hard work goes into a production than anyone in the audience can ever imagine!!

Good job TCN!!!!!

Also have been a happy girl for the past week because some goodies finally arrived.

Sneak preview!! Some day I’ll get down to writing a detailed post about all these gems.

Miniatures are super adorable and lovely and they just naturally make me feel so much happier, especially if they’re super relatable and unique.

Went to disturb FBN yesterday while he was doing his work haha (I swear I didn’t pose that big a disturbance) and jiayou okay. These two weeks will be eye-opening and you’ll be so proud of yourself at the end of it all. :)
Jiayou to my other lovely babies who are a part of APYLS too!!

Last but not least, thank you for being around. I love you two a lot a lot a lot a lot even though you all like to irritate me and make fun of me. You are my baobeis and kaixinguos. I don’t know what I’ll do without you both.

Thats about all I intended to blog about :)

Thank you for reading and I hope you feel a little happier.

Jiayou for the week(s) ahead!

I think my greatest takeaway from Broga is everyone is better than they think they are.

Stay lovely!

(P.S. I ate that sh!t in the cookie jar because ONE WEEK LEFT. Love you babies @batch13 even though there are 3 reasons to be unhappy at all of you, except my inspirational baby SL #inspiringpeoplesince2010 #insidejoke)

(P.P.S. Didn’t manage to write the more light-hearted post I mentioned previously. Will do that ASAP.)

(P.P.P.S. Did you realise the change in fonts if you’re on your computer? If you’re on mobile and are curious, scroll down and click “view full site”. Took away the QOTD segment because it’s pointless. And will be changing header as soon as inspiration drives me crazy.)

(P.P.P.P.S. Thank you for being you.)