When life gives you watermelons

You can’t even grow a tree out of it because watermelons don’t grow on trees.

School has been pretty tiring and today school’s out. I mean studying day that is. I can already see myself coming back to school during the holidays.

So many stuff to do during the holidays with SLC taking up my first week, SIAs and homework during second week, and musical occupying my third and fourth week.

Thats the plan for now, subjected to many little changes.

People are really too complex for my understanding. I want to be a nose. Forget about the graph. I just want to sit comfortably on a face.

Oh wait but a nose is situated at a pretty precarious position… Let me think about it.

One day I’m going to type my to-do list here.

I can’t even recite it off my head. :(

Open house tomorrow and I’ll have two secondary ones with me!

Sometimes I feel like I am not even in a position to teach people things but I think I’m wrong for that. Hahahahahahahaahhahagahahahah joking.

And yesterday’s musical rehearsal is my turning point hahaha. Or maybe my graph shall be a plateau. Ok forget about the issue on graphs.

I feel like I understand what it means to be a senior. A responsible good senior. Pardon my wide range of vocabulary :)

With TERRORIZER Yau lurking at every corner possible it gets scary sometimes. Hehehehehe. Joking C Yau joking.

Many things are happening every day. I need a break. I need a day where I can go home early and roll on the floor and not think about stuff to do or well… To think. Rolling on the floor will be a pretty painful affair though.

Oh and I intended to update my Instagram with a photo every day – something to capture the day’s eventful stuff – but I’m really a person who can’t do it. Lol. Im not entirely disciplined in that sense but I still update it with cool stuff.

I think I shall stick to this humble corner and rattle off to myself like a snake. Ok that’s a pretty disturbing image.

And block tests 2 at T3W2!

And I thought I just barley survived the first round.

A string of continuous cannibalistic papers. How terrifying. They kill their own kind and kill students afterwards.
(*note: paper comes from trees!)

Wow this is a pretty long post while I’m stuck at the salon. Have been dozing off sitting in this chair at an awkward position.

Hopefully my battery can last till tonight, after SLC.

Byebye! ????!