The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

Hello guys!

It has been a while since my last post, and I have so many things to blog about and I don’t know where to start.

Actually I wrote a post two weeks ago, but I didn’t publish it because it was basically a long and sappy post filled with self-pity. Thank god I didn’t publish it.

Preview of emo post:

Not exactly sure how to start because I’ve never quite published a post like this.

This week has been an incredibly rough one – you have no idea.

Maybe in a couple of days this post will eventually become a private one because posts like this become a huge joke once I snap out of this self-pity phase, but if you’re reading this, then well, hello.

HAHAHA funny right.

Anyway let’s just get to this right from the start.

To be honest I can’t even remember what has happened, so I’ll just go with those I have pictures of!

Boring recount ahead with plenty of photos, so if you’ve nothing better to do since Promos is still like what, 5 weeks away? Make yourself a hot chocolate and come back. ;)

#1 Block Test Results

I had no idea HC actually gives certificates with all your grades printed neatly in a table with your conduct grade AND comments. This is truly a whole new experience HAHAHAHAHAHAH I’m kidding, but now I know, my sister used to hide this sh!t in the cupboard away from my mum.

BT weren’t particularly outstanding, especially Biology, so I guess there’s some bright side to the whole Red Seats saga. (There’s a reason why the title is in red)

Honestly way more affected by it than I really should be and even though I did NOT laugh hysterically, I’m going to take this in my stride haha and be more optimistic about it all.

Mrs Foo: “People who sit there usually get As in the end”

At least I have some of my favourite people with me down there :’)

But this is really one of the most major scoldings I have received in public and my self-esteem has taken a big hit right to its bone. (Still love you Isabel, though significantly less HAHAHAHAHAHA)

#2 17th Birthday

As seen on my Instagram, but yes baby, precious photos get spots there!

Thank you to those who took time out + came over despite FBN’s bossy ways and your busy schedules! It means a lot okay, even though it was really terribly embarrassing (i.e. walkway <- seriously??).

Thank you for your wishes – I truly appreciate it, especially those who even took time out to write me a card or get me gifts. You guys don’t know how much you mean to me!

I have no idea where to begin, but thank you to the healthiest people (<- honestly what kind of stupid name is this Xin Jie) for the lovely Famous Amos cookie-cake and for writing me really sincere letters! Thank you Clair for spending an hour on drawing a minion (and all the food I usually eat) and thank you Liau for the beautifully drawn (albeit a bit bruised) Anna and the pudgy arm served with basil. Thank you Isabel for the letter and your love and thank you Mary for being Mary. So thankful you’ve stuck by me for 3 years.

Really no one photo XJ looks decent so there ^ HAHAHAHAHAHA

Thank you Adeline for the super thoughtful and pretty presents – I really, really love them a lot :’)

Thank you my favourite Sipei for your lovely letter and super adorable gifts – will never forget the amazing arrangement of chocolates and candies you gave me last year!!

Thank you to Sue/Lian/Becca for your presents + card!!! PLS CATCH UP SOON STOP LYING TO ME!!

No dedication to Lian will be a dedication without her -_- face

Not the same day, but told Lian to climb on top of me so that we’ll look like a packet of french fries and she didn’t take that idea very well.

Thank you everyone else around me who matter to me a lot – you know who you are, especially those who really took time out to make me photo collages/write extremely sweet and touching and long messages!!

And of course my Ahma and Gandie and Ganma for popping by to give me a lovely musical box!!!

Thank you beef for being so incredibly lovely and for being my listening ear even though we aren’t always physically together. You make me v v v happy and I really pinky promise and solemnly swear that I’ll reply you promptly. No joke.

And most importantly thank you to the three most important people in my life who try to make me happy every single day, despite my shortcomings (i.e. short-tempered and being spoilt). You three mean the world to me!

Thank you FBN for all your efforts despite your busy schedule – you’re so much better, sweeter and lovelier than how you carry yourself and you know that. Spread your love and optimism to people around you, ok? (Of course you do not spread the wrong kind of love I WILL BE WATCHING YOU)

I love this so very much <3

(though not as much as you ;))

#3 School

School has been fine I guess!! Having fun and getting scolded in lessons – evidently haven’t truly learnt lesson in Bio lecture. BEST THING IS: I don’t ever get scolded………… love you Mary.


Thankful for these little derps who make school life so much tolerable than it really is.

Missing Clair, who is having the time of her life at Cambridge!!

That book is not mine.

Class photo!! ALMOST made it to the last row, but whatever la, since I got my Isabel. (pls look below)

HAHAHAH and please don’t diss my black shoes because apparently I’m “not cool enough for black shoes”. Hate y’all PLS BE MORE RECEPTIVE TO CHANGES.

By the way please take a moment to check out Mr Tan’s cool hand-signs. HAHAHAHA

She complained I leaned away from her during the photo so yes here is my proof of how deep my love is for you!!

These crazy ladies came to my house one fine day spontaneously and we had a two hour + chatting session hahaha. Ridiculous buttocks who are so dayum adorable.

#4 Commerical Break: Reviews

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored advertisement.

HAHAHHAHAHAH whatever okay anyway here are some exciting stuff.

That aren’t really exciting, really.

a) Chocolate Macaron @ Chill

8/10 because of the following:

  • deceiving macaron actually had nuts in it (me no like nuts) :(
  • crumbly… VERY CRUMBLY :\
  • $2.80!!!!!!! D:
  • but still very yummy :)

Total score: 10-3+1 = 8

Emotions in my text is no longer my thing.


But really this macaron isn’t too bad. In fact it’s great.

b) Chicken Cutlet with Fries @ B52 Cafe

(Coronation Plaza, where Golden Rooster used to be)

This, my friends, is freaking amazing. This supposedly comes with rice, but I changed it to fries!

10/10, provided you go there when it’s less crowded.

Because the staff there aren’t the youngest and the most agile, they will tend to make little blunders here and there when crowd gets overwhelming.

Food is really worth a try!!

c) The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom (Movie, not Food)

Honestly this movie’s plot is complete nonsense, but I wouldn’t mind watching it again because Fan Bingbing was so pretty.

This already shows how shallow I am.

Giving this movie a 2/10 because they tried hard.

One of the most ridiculous scenes in the movie was at the last part – Huang Xiao Ming was stabbed like mad but he still managed to CLIMB his freaking way up this mountain so he can fight with his crazy deranged girlfriend (FBB) who no longer remembers him, against the villain.

I laughed a lot.

Okay la, 3/10.

d) Guardians of the Galaxy 

Loved this movie A LOT. 9/10 and -1 because green skin is not my thing.

KIDDING honestly can’t find a single thing I hated about the movie!!

Loved Groot (and eventually Little Groot) and Rocket – Bradley Cooper is fabulous. Even though I couldn’t see his face at all and his voice was tweaked.

Show is great, especially for kids.

Ignore my dark eye circles – no idea who put them there.

I hope you realise the above reviews are complete bullshit and you should actually pretend you’ve never read them so you can form better judgements upon watching/eating them yourself.

#5 National Day Celebrations/STJ 

Long but fun day out with 14S7C babies!

Wasn’t the most attentive throughout celebration since we were banished to second level but enjoyed some segments a lot!!

Photo with Adeline and the poor flag that we eventually had to return ;( HAHAHA


Following that was STJ which was a BBQ at a senior’s house :)

Really promoted class bonding hahahaha and played cards A L L  T H E  W A Y.

Majority of us are a bunch of compulsive gamblers, as can be seen above.

Did help with BBQ-ing:


Thank you for being my friends. :’)

Photo credits to Sam for professional-looking photos/Choon Guan for group selfies ^^

#6 Trick Eye Museum

Honestly saw so many photos of this cool-looking dingdong and I’ve been wanting to go since, and we finally did on Sunday!

It didn’t have that big a WOW factor and it wasn’t the MOST impressive, but overall it was quite cool la huh.


One of the most uncomfy photos EVER HAHAHAHA

Great portrayal of our relationship (HAHAHA)

Hair anti-gravity. But I love it.


Mermaid PLS

Ballerina since 1997

Ares Fac Head y’all!

Conquering my greatest fear HA HA HA who am I kidding

Okay there are a lot more but yes those will have to do!!

Wont strongly recommend it la but it’ll be a cool experience to deal with inconsiderate people in all sorts of aspects.

HAHAHAHAA kidding, but really la it’s not as WOW as it appears to be!!!


#7 Relatives from HK popping by

Heh heh, usually it’ll be us meeting them at HK, but my Samsouk (San Shu) and fam just came to Singapore for their little holiday!!

Met them for dinner today @ DTF and they’re still the same – doing well and great! :)


Bought her some yumyum starbucks!

If you read my previous HK posts you’d have seen her!!

AND!!! Super embarrassing thing happened. Because I cant type Chinese characters in my blog, it’ll be so hard to explain.

But basically I asked her if she needed to go to the toilet in Canto, and she replied me with a shocked expression and “huh”, before saying don’t need in canto.

Then I realised I actually asked her if she enjoys/loves going to the toilet HAHAHHA OMGAD cannot believe myself.

Lamlam please forget this incident forever and bury it deep in your brain.

Have a safe trip back to Hong Kong and see you soon!!

Hope Singapore has been fun for you guys ^^

That’s the end of my post for today!

Seems quite half-assed but please believe me when I say I put in quite a bit of effort.

Thank you for reading guys!

See you soon ;)