The Drive

Hello world!

Sometimes when people  gotta do something the motivation is really important.

SLC has been a long journey – never stuck with a project for that long.

Wait okay no I take that back I still have Chinese IH Math SIA to complete.

Don’t want SLC to end – but at the same time I want to see the fruits of labour of the entire OT, including Concept and Programmes.

Logistic’s efforts can be seen with our eyes (notepads MY PRIDE, shirt, backdrop, name tags etc etc etc) and it’ll be eye-opening most definitely… especially where I am positioned mostly throughout the entire convention.

Looking forward to see what surprises SLC will bring and Im sure it’ll really be the wonderful convention I will blog about some day next week or next next week or next next next week!

I think SLC Logs had the kinkiest way of bonding compared to Concept and Progs and from the beginning it has been pretty awkward because really, how to bond properly when everyone has their individual things they are in-charge of? Like “Everybody change your font size to 12 now” and “Everyone take the pencil tool and draw a circle now”? But I think we’re still pretty bonded in our own kinky way with minor conflicts along the way.

Shall blog more about SLC after SLC itself because this is so awkward.

And tomorrow will be Day 0 (with today being Day -1, as seen from Sue Yu’s twitter).

Last week has been an action-packed week, seriously.

Revolved around sabbaticals, NY musical, SLC.

Sabbaticals – British Comedy and Resilience.

On Day 1 I thought that was the worst combination of Sabbats ever. Like everyone being in something fun at least (apart from Rachelim and a few others like Emily and Amanda who were in the same 2 sabbats as I was) and etc.

For the first time in my whole life, I actually slept in British Comedy while watching some strange video which lasted 1000 hours and I couldn’t help but fall asleep, even for that one minute or two.

And then who knows at the end of it all, after putting up a little play which was titled “Something like Coffee”, I actually had that sense of happiness within me though I wasn’t so actively involved in planning and stuff. Before that we did a little script on a Satire kind of play and apparently it was not bad. HAHAHAHA.

From this I’ve learnt that British Comedy isn’t funny to me. I like in-your-face funny kind of things but no that does not necessarily mean Slapstick humor.

Resilience was the sabbatical many people laughed at when I told them I was in it (with Brit Com) but then its really not too bad leh! Made you think about life and everything. Most impactful was the Automatic Negative Thoughts kind of rubbish which really applied to real-life, not those bullshit kind of thing you usually get at self-improvement stuff.

Okay shit my neighbor’s dog is making shitloads of weird sounds. Eee.

Okay yeah that was Sabbaticals for me. Not too bad overall.

And musical was just the same except this week wasn’t the act Yau and I were SM/ASM-ing so it was slightly slacker.

And my adventures with the christmas pudding @tcnbatch13.

Love the people in theatre so much :D

SLC was the craziest of it all – sourcing for Logistics, paying for Logistics, eating Logist- okay not so much of that.

Going Sentosa with Bern Sue Progs Facs was pretty cool!

I think Facils in YAJ will be cool facils hehe ;D

Okay I shall go check the musical script now.

Byebye world :)