1. naive, simplistic, and superficial.
“their entirely predictable and usually jejune opinions”
2. (of ideas or writings) dry and uninteresting.

Long time no see!

And suddenly it’s June.

Why is time flying so quickly these days?

I haven’t been writing much on this space because:
a) I’ve been away for the most part
b) I constantly oscillate between being in love with and embarrassed of this space
c) I’ve been… jejune.

HAHAHA I’m just laughing to myself right now.

Urban dictionary calls it the worst word of the English dictionary.

You know I’m really only using it because it’s June right?




This holiday I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world a little bit more and to see a whole lot more.

I’m just constantly itching to travel and anti-histamines just don’t keep the itch away.
(Quiz: What’s my favourite anti-histamine? A true reader would know hahahaha. HMU with the correct answer and you’ll receive a secret reward.) 

But constantly travelling is tiring (three different counties across one-and-a-half months!) and it’s only fun when you work hard for it, yes?

And there are always takeaways whenever you travel, and if I had to list 10 politically-correct  things to share with you:

#1 The world is your oyster!!!!!!!!!!!
………………………………….. if you have moolah to spare.

This got dark real quick. I’m really not going the inspirational route today.

#2 Norway is ridiculously expensive.
Scandinavia is ridiculously expensive.

#3 I need to get out of Oxford Circus. (I went there on 3 out of the 3 days in London.)

#4 I finally understand why people avoid well-done steaks like the plague. Please silently congratulate me on my new achievement: Enjoying Medium Rare Steaks! (Still would not make a conscious decision to order them but I’m advancing there slowly but surely)

#5 Getting stranded in an airport is no fun especially when staff tell you, “Well, there’s no solution. Flight’s cancelled.”

#6 Mama’s the best. In all aspects.

#7 Yogyakarta should be a more popular tourist destination. It’s beautiful and there are loads to do! (But again, it could be the company – do go there with people you like. HAHA)

#8 Phnom Penh… I only spent a day and a half exploring a teeny bit of you but I’d love to be back. Also saw firsthand how tireless healthcare workers can be and it is truly admiring.

#9 Singapore really has good food and good people.

#10 Counted all 892731237236467328237 of my blessings over, and over, and over.

Cliché point here, but you really never know what you have till you leave them behind.

Sometimes travelling is not about planning your time the most efficiently – jam-packed days are tiring and stressful.

When you take your time to chill and slow down, you see beautiful sunsets (no matter how late they are) and you eat delicious ice-cream cones while sitting by water fountains, and you enjoy what is in front of you.

We didn’t have data on some days on the trip (Comviq SIM! What are you!) but I came to the realisation: since when did we always have data on our phones?

Of course Im not saying this while I’m trying to bring myself from Unknown Point A to Unknown Point B as quickly as possible – but it’s fun.

It really is fun to be a little lost, in terms of directions and the moment.

I really did have some pretty good trips this holiday, and for that, I am thankful!

This post is really proving my title isn’t it?


If you’re interested in reading more about my trips… I have them journaled elsewhere. No, not an Instagram spam account… but if you want to read what went down in detail, drop me a loving text. I love loving texts.

Alternatively if you’re intending to travel there some day, I have some handy tips for the confused traveller because we were really pretty confused while we were there.

School’s starting in a bit, and I don’t know what to think!

Because one year ago I was only done with half of my holidays at this point, and people always want what they can’t have, and only treasure what they had once they lose it.

On one hand I’m really excited to start clinical years but on the other, I’m not so sure if I’ll ever be competent enough (no, and hopefully yes someday).

Thank you for reading this space today even though it really isn’t about anything.

Just want to check in with all of you hehe, after a dear friend told me via a postcard she’ll always read my blog – you know who you are, I love you! - so… if you’re here reading this, thank you!

And yes, even if we may not be chatty buddies, know that you’re loved (even if not by me HAHA jk) and this space will always be here for you to waste your time at, ok?

There are few people whom I know adore my blog (my blog loves you too), and there are probably some more hiding around the corners afraid to show their love, but it’s okay if you don’t want to show yourselves. I feel you.

HAHAHAH ok la I don’t know for sure who you are but thanks for quietly reading ok. Would love to have some meaningful interactions with you someday.


Ok so heres the most important question of the day.

Should I get these?


Vote now and tell me!!

My online shopping craze has stopped temporarily – because I’ve been away, remember – and my mother + sister just absolutely abhor the sight of these shoes.

They call it the “ah beng shoes”.

They don’t care that it’s ~the hype~ (lol) and they don’t care that Julia Roberts owns a pair (or more… or no more).

I think it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Please help a pal here to prove a point.

And yes of course theres a difference between the first and second options.

And even though this is completely anonymous I’ll still send love your way if you pick the right option! (I don’t know how but I’ll get there.)

I know that right now you’re not sure if I’m being serious and I’m not telling.

Can I just say that the pink old skool is also extremely beautiful? But the other day I checked out my shoe cabinet and literally every single pair is pink/has some form of pink. This is disastrous and is getting out of hand.

Okay, I swear there’ll be better posts coming up next time.

Don’t run away!

Hope you’ve been well :-)

I genuinely meant that.

P.S. Do you remember that I said I had a list of ideas of posts to write? I still do! But I just can’t seem to bring myself to write anything these days. I have to wait for exam season. #insidejoke

P.P.S. No, I’m probably not getting that pair of shoes unless you think I should. SHOULD I??