JAPAN 2014


Hello friends!

Haha couldn’t come up with a more interesting title so…

It was nice letting my hair down (both meanings intended) and feeling the natural air-conditioner everywhere but it’s also great to be back.

There was this day we had Kaiseiki (basically Japanese multi-course dinner, you can go google to find out what it comprises) for a few days straight and thank goodness we returned back to the city before I stabbed my eye with a chopstick.

You need to take note that “a few days straight” = breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Not a single meal left without kaiseiki.

It doesn’t matter if there’s no roti prata or laksa – a dandy old french croissant would do the trick and break me from the kaiseki spell.

But okay before you read my post maybe you can watch this video I made :)

Actually you should watch it alongside the post so you can match it to the content better. HAHAHA.


720p is the way to roll, please.


More comprehensive than this blog post I think haha.

Oh by the way scroll down to the end of the post if you must skip the content – there’s a new Would You Rather question :)

*Dont have a lot of pictures because all of the photos are from my phone but they’ll do!!

Day 0 – Singapore

Basically we went to the airport the day before because the flight was a midnight one.

Thank you for coming FBN :) :) :)

You’ll see a lot of this san-lian-pai thing so GET USED TO IT!! Hahah with my ahma. So cute.

We ate at the “hawker centre” at the departure side of the airport where they are named after the supposedly best of hawker food in SG…. but maybe because it was 12 and they were all tired so everything was pretty terrifying.

Okay the rest of the things that happened from now on rightfully belongs to Day 1.

Day 1 – Osaka

So we arrived at Nagoya Airport at 8+ and we had our first stopover at some random place that is really insignificant.

But look what I found!

Milk Tea with Frozen characters in Tsum Tsum form HAHAHA super cute please.

For lunch, we went to a restaurant where we could make our own Takoyaki……. (watch the video)

Food was pretty terrible contrary to how it looks!!!!

Still going to rate it 0.5 star out of 5.

It was really pretty bad.

Pretty cool picture in my opinion hahaha

Thereafter, we headed to Osaka Castle!

To be honest it wasn’t very mind-blowing, plus we didn’t actually enter the castle because there was an extra fee PLUS everything is supposedly in Japanese so it’s not practical for the tour group to pay the money to look at something they can’t understand.

Selfie with the chocolate ice-cream I got in the area!!

Later we headed to Shinsaibashi Shopping Street!

Night view :)

We had dinner there as well!

It’s basically a stressful dinner place because it’s where people stop-buy-eat-go and people are literally standing around, waiting for people who ate to finish and leave.
It wasn’t that fantastic but was not too bad so a 3-star rating will suit it. Presenting to you, Char Siew Ramen!

Prior to that got Starbucks as well ;D (to get the Osaka Starbucks card LOL)

We also went to Daimaru Shopping Centre and checked out several stores along the way, including a Disney store!

With my mummy!

Day 2 – Osaka

Universal Studios Japan!!

Don’t have a lot of photos here but took quite a number of videos so check that out if you’re interested!

First ride we took was Amazing Spider-Man (basically like USS’s Transformers ride) and it was exactly the same as Orlando’s except it’s in Japanese.

I think my family got a bit of trauma after going to Orlando’s crazy theme parks last December.

Then afterwards we took the Back to the Future ride!

We had lunch at the Happiness Cafe – would look happier if it hadn’t been raining terribly!

We had curry rice ^ It wasnt fantastic but it wasnt bad either so 3.5 stars. HAHA.

Then we went for a lame Hello Kitty Ribbon Walk thing which shoots high in the what-the-hell scale.

But what really broke the scale as named above was a ridiculous goldfish ride. Elmo’s goldfish or something. It’s for kids aged 3 and below I think.
But we sat it.

Most humiliating 20 minutes of my life because once we started queuing we can’t stop.

And it was terrible.

And embarrassing.

But nobody knew who I was so that made it a little better I guess.

Drank this cup of Hot Chocolate at the Elmo cafe while waiting to enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Which turned out to be exactly the same as Orlando’s one yet again.

But there were SO MANY PEOPLE and there was a crazy long queue to enter the candy shop – wanted to buy some terrible jellybeans for terrible people but oh well :(

The waiting time for the Forbidden Journey intense roller-coaster was 160 minutes HAHA.

So we left soon after that and visited the shops and stuff.

And I bought this popcorn:

Soy Sauce x Butter

It isn’t my favourite flavour but it’s my sister’s favourite.

Actually it’s really quite nice la HAHA.

We visited the Hard Rock Cafe (store section) as well.

That night we had buffet for dinner at the hotel – ate a crazy amount of cold crab and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

It was a sudden and fiery and intense thing at the moment… it’s not really like that in Singapore.

4 stars for dinner because it really didn’t even have anything nice… except for the crab.

And that’s about it for Day 2!

Day 3 – Osaka/Kyoto/Fukui

Started the day off with a Shinkansen ride to Kyoto!

Honestly it was pretty lame because while we took the bullet train ride which was 12 minutes, we still had to wait for the coach which took 1.5 hours to go to Kiyomizutera (a temple).

Chrome filter makes life better. Really.

Over-adjusted the brightness here HAHA but yes it’s quite pretty!

Also bought this Chocolate Mochi from the stalls along the climb up to the temple. It was not too bad but erps.

And this is just a random picture of a tiny potato chip snack I found there. I love it.

We had lunch at some tatami-place and I don’t think I have a photo of it in my phone.

I rated it 3 stars… guess it’s not that memorable because every meal just looks the same from that point onwards.

(whispers kaiseiki over and over)

Then we took a 3-hour bus ride to Tojinbo:

It was raining and cold and creepy. Because we arrived late and the usual shortcut route is closed for the day – we walked a longer way which was horrifying.

And don’t be fooled by the picture – it was really dark and gloomy but I raised the brightness.

I think if it had been bright and sunny, the vibes will be totally different.

Doesn’t help when the tour guide mentioned it used to be a hotspot for suicide in the past.

We took another hour to finally arrive at Fukui and this is our dinner for the night:

Yeah… kaiseiki, say it with me, k-a-i-s-e-i-k-i……….

Rated this 2 stars (I jotted down everything that happened in my phone’s notes section, otherwise I wouldn’t even remember a thing haha)

Looks are deceiving. Really.

See that crabby-looking thing? It was crappy.

And I tried this Jagabee snack which is butter-flavoured.

Something about butter in Japan is just different and overly sweet so it was quite bleh for me :(
Savoury over sweet, anytime.

Also, finished reading “Where She Went” (the sequel to If I Stay, which I watched on the plane) that day!!

Watched the movie on the plane, piqued my interest, downloaded the epub version, read it along the way.

I wouldn’t choose to read sad stories but just caught the movie on the flight to Japan – it isn’t a sad sad story with a sad ending but it’s really pretty damn sad to lose your entire family in a car accident. Kinda HEA for this whole story (not exactly a series right…) so I really enjoyed it!

And this was when I started to feel a sore throat coming….. oh snap.

Day 4 – Fukui/Kanazawa/Hida/Toyama

We went to a candy shop in the morning and everything was terrifying so no pictures there haha.

We also went to a cup shop at Kutani Mangetsu and got a free cup. HAHA.

Then we went to Kenrokuen Garden but before that we had lunch:

Don’t need to say more……….
Rated this 2.5 stars because it had strange prawns, crab and beancurd.

Garden was pretty but the weather was too cold so the enjoyment level was brought down a bit. Hahahah.

Our relationship in a nutshell.

No idea what I was doing but I demanded my sister to take cool insta-worthy shots but she failed her mission

Went to Shirakawago thereafter!

Really into sanlianpai shots

Terrifying selfies
All for you

Unleashing my inner child

Snow was really heavy!

Picture I snapped before running back to the bus HAHA

Idk but I think this photo looks very sad

Wearing the yukata (only day I wore out of 3 nights in Onsen hotels)

Gave this 5 stars because of the udon and the crab.


Have more shells there because ahma and sister donated crab over (this isn’t the final amount)

And this is also the kaiseki with dancing abalone – grilling a live abalone :(

Sounds really cruel and disturbing and didn’t eat it!

Day 5 – Toyama/Nagano

Breakfast at the same hotel! (1 star)

View outside the window we didn’t know existed! Really pretty.

Pic of my ahma.

Went to some market which was erps.

But ate some good old wagyu beef:

I pretty not?


Yeah. You know what that is.

Pretty view I took on the bus ride while we left the countryside area!

Visited the Daio Wasabi Farm:

It had zero tourists.

Wasabi ice-cream which really just tasted like milk!!

I pretty not? Part 2

And lol with crab again:

Obsession was dying down slowly but surely at that time HAHA

And my miniature bowl of udon:

This dinner received a 4.5 star rating. HAHAH.

Truly well-deserved.

Day 6 – Mt Fuji/Tokyo

Went to Mt Fuji…. observation deck in the morning! Not the best view but this will do.

Looked really good that day – luck’s with us :)

Me x Mt Fuji
as seen on insta

Then we moved to Disneyland afterwards (2-hour plus journey!!) and reached at 12+?
It was crowded already (relatively less to a weekend/holiday but still crowded) and I’m starting to think Japanese kids skip school to play… a fair amount were wearing school uniform at 12? Morning session or afternoon session, it’s still strange.

And according to my mum that was our 7th time going Tokyo Disneyland. Apparently while I was much younger we went twice a year for a period of time.

Lunch :) At China Voyages!

Cinderella’s Castle :)

We went to Tomorrowland for my favourite ride ever: Grand Circuit Raceway!

Not enough kick but it’ll have to do considering I can’t get my license just yet…

Really into this car-racing crap HAHA.

Wanted to go to Pooh’s Hunny Hunt/Haunted Mansion ride but the waiting times were crazy: 80 and 60 minutes respectively.

Family didn’t want to queue so we visited the shops and had dinner at Restaurant Hoisaku where I ate this tempura set.

It wasnt the best but it was not too bad.

By then everyone was tired and drained.

Ate ice-cream (Double Chocolate single scoop – chocolate ice-cream with chocolate bits, MY FAVOURITE EVER KIND OF ICE-CREAM FLAVOUR WOOOOOOHOOOO)

Bought this popcorn bucket………

(Chocolate Flavour)


Got them in various sizes. The buckets open the same way, from XS to S to normal. I love them all!!


Pretty tree at night!

This my favourite item from the trip.

I love it so much.

Okie dokie then we left Disneyland soon after.

And I took a grand total of 1 ride.

But to be fair I did sit on all the rides before so I cannot selfishly expect my family to queue up with me when they’ve done the same la.

No regrets.


Parents went out with the tour guide to explore the subway and bought supper back :)

That’s it for my second last day in Japan.

Day 7 – Tokyo/Singapore

We shopped at Shinjuku the whole day!

Took the subway there – it was supposedly a free and easy day.

Of all days it had to rain!!! Again!!!!

Japan legit Takashimaya shopping centre. HAHA. Featuring mummy.

Disney store featuring tsumtsums HAHA

Had lunch at a random restaurant on the 13th Floor… no idea why I remembered that

Never thought I’d see a rude Japanese BUT one was spotted in this restaurant.
She was pretty mean and grumpy and rude.
But it was refreshing.
Not everyone is perfect.

Left when the sky was dark!

And check out starbucks! (to get the Tokyo card LOL)

Have you seen Starbucks potato chips?!?!
(They were pretty meh though)

A banana costs 80 yen, which is about 88 cents SGD.
More worth it there in Japan.

Anyway headed to the airport soon after:

Super pretty – the colour of the light changes

Some random shop in the airport – sister demanded me to take a photo of it because books and drugs don’t always go together

That’s the end for my trip to Japan :)

It was fun while it lasted – have been wanting to go to the country for the past few years, especially after learning the language, but the opportunity just never came up. Headed there with less than 30% of what I learnt left in my head (having an entire year of NOTHING Japanese-y) and yes… Japanese is indeed a tough language to pick up, just like any other. Thank goodness Katakana exists and Kanji (words similar to Chinese, even though some are completely irrelevant in terms of meaning) makes life easier a little. The people there were all so polite and warm, with some being exceptionally kind-hearted as well. They’re really passionate about their jobs, whether it’s a sweeper in theme parks or staff in shops (eateries that can’t quite be described with restaurants).

Also they have pretty amazing stuff going on, and the toilet bowl is merely one of it.

We all have that awkward moment where you’re the only one doing your business in the toilet, and it gets weird because it can get pretty loud. For them, once you plant your butt on the seat, for some places, there’ll be actual water flowing through so it gives the illusion you aren’t the only one doing the peepee or poopoo, and for other places, there’ll be some soundtrack of flushing water?!?!?! Really handy for all embarrassed young ladies HAHA.
Not to forget the butt-washing function – you can adjust the intensity and the speed what the heck.
It was a brand new experience.
Plus their flush – you don’t have to press the dirty buttons for some cooler places, you just have to hover your hand over the flush and it’ll automatically flush upon detecting your hand. I think there are some places in SG with this function also but more commonly seen in Japan I feel?

Yeah and thank you for waking up at 4+ in the morning just to pick me up :) :) :)

Love you la haha

Got a similar set for FBN as well haha (if you remember the popcorn thing above)

Thank you for always bringing joy to my life and having my back :) I love both of you a lot a lot a lot!!!!!!!!

Had our first NHMed meeting today with the juniors and got these derps gifts from Japan (if y’all are reading please use it wisely ok HAHAHA ;) )

Back to B52 after a long while and got my favourite cutlet ever :)

That’s about it :)

See you soon!

P.S. Super excited for catch-up with favourite bunch ever!!!!!!!!!!

Oh by the way haven’t forgot about my Would You Rather:

No knees as in cannot bend your legs (e.g. cannot walk/sit properly) and no elbows as in cannot bend your hands (e.g. cannot feed yourself with hands)

This is purely anonymous so I won’t judge

HAHA very excited to see your response, please fill it up?

Considering it’s making a comeback?


And also need to start to get my crap together, 2014′s ending in 2 weeks plus…….. sian