It’s Been a While


I’m not quite sure if this is the longest hiatus this WordPress ever saw, and I’m not quite sure what exactly I’m here for today. I have a knack for updating my blog close to exam periods (my first CA is coming up next Monday, and the day continues with a presentation and PBP in the afternoon) but it’s recess week, so I guess I’m here to escape the books for a while.

I haven’t been updating my blog these few months because I didn’t really know what I wanted to share on this blog – somehow, putting my life and what I do from day-to-day on the net doesn’t sound quite as fun as it used to be. In fact, it sounds a little daunting to grant strangers access to this private part of my life.

There really isn’t much to “update” – I’m Week 7 into school, and let’s say the hours aren’t short. You really get to experience the social-sleep-work (choose 2) problem, and I realised that if you want to meet up with people you care about, you HAVE to consciously make a “sacrifice” because it can get really draining. This is a sharp change from my relaxed holidays just 8 weeks ago… “want to meet for a meal?” “sure, let’s go. tomorrow?” VS “when are you free for a meal?” “not monday… not tuesday… not wednesday… maybe sunday?” HAHAHA but yes. My point is, you really got to make time for things/people you like.

That said, I believe I’m already in one of the most honeymooney periods of school and the past 7 weeks have been a good adjustment period. I certainly feel more well-rested after five days of recess week hehe.

This certainly isn’t the end for my blog and I’ll be back once in a while to revive this space a little. In the past, I used to blog every Saturday (not sure if you can remember this), and for all the weekdays before the weekly post, I would be brainstorming for something interesting/unique/funny to blog about. It really wasn’t much about the readership (which has surely dwindled by now!) but I guess that was my form of creative outlet… this must be one of the reasons why I feel extremely uninspired these days. Sometimes you have to work for good ideas. Am I blabbering? Yes.

Hope everyone’s doing amazing in your respective new places in life, and I’m sure exciting adventures await, no matter where you are.

Break time’s over, seey’all soon!

It’s a really short post, but I’ll be back and you know it :-)