In a World Like This

Hey there.

Nice to see you back here (haha, if anyone still pops by!) – it’s been a really long while.

Approximately two months since my last update, and yes I am still alive! Surprise!

I think I have this knack for updating in the middle of my exams and yes, I’ve conquered one week out of four as of today. I wouldn’t say the papers gave me tremendous faith for upcoming ones, and I didn’t leave the room feeling like I’m walking on clouds, but theres no time to lose. (HAHA…. AND I AM HERE)

I have a few blog posts I am dying to write, and those will have to wait post-As because they’re going to be so long and naggy. I hope you’ll be excited because I am! I can’t wait to jot down these memories and bursts of thoughts in a nice rectangular box. And I need to revamp my site a little because it is getting boring. I like controlled changes. I am weird.

And I just checked my site stats and realised I’ve been getting spikes these few days, I hope you’re not a J2 student because that is bad, bad management of time. HAHAHA one of you creepers went to page 59….. but its okay, I like that, thank you.

In a nutshell, basically from Prelims, what my life has been like is really practising UKCAT, doing UKCAT, getting results on the spot, revising for As, slacking and feeling awful but continuing anyway, getting back Prelim results and feeling ambivalent, practising BMAT, doing BMAT (and I think I potentially messed the entire test up), and…. taking A Levels.

(I think I’ll be selling these resources, I can’t wait to try Carouselling. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

I feel like A Levels just make people disappear from social media completely and its hard to find people realistically talking about A Levels during this very trying period. I love relating to people. I would love to look back on how I survived A Levels. #ihavemymeans

Basically right now I just can’t wait for this to end because post-As plans are looking incredibly exciting – I just want to embark on them right now.

Hopefully with no regrets!

I hope all of you are doing well, whether you’re J2 or not.

We’ll get through this together!

(Probably the last update before As end because the week after is killer week)

Also, Our Times is a really good movie. Watched it a couple of weeks ago, and if you’re still idling on my site for some strange reason, please go and watch that instead. It really isn’t a deep, philosophical movie (obviously) but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Give it a go :) Don’t let stereotypes stop you!