Hello guys :)

Long time no see!

Finally back with my usual crappy posts, and deng deng!

(For some strange reason some people filled in this yesterday?? What did you spend your Halloween night doing?! But Im not judging bc I love you if you’re here)

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 8.59.37 pm

There isn’t much to discuss here………. except for the fact that most of you are pretty scary and even though I’ll never comprehend your strange mindset, I’ll embrace all of you. It’s alright to be weird.

HAHAHAHA kidding but really la I’ll still choose haunted house over roller coasters.

What’s better to do at this point in time than taking a trip down memory lane once again? (LOL oral presentation…………..) BUT THEN AGAIN IM A REBEL AND I WILL DO AS I WISH!!!!!

I’m kinda tired and cranky these days.

I realized.

#1 Babyrasp’s Celebration (Round 1)

This was a horribly (or horrible) late celebration for my beloved K, but I love you K (pun intended)
Please anticipate a juicier Round 2.
It will happen.

I love these people who’ve been here for the past 5 years. Muacks muacks.

Spot LSL(x tmz)!!
(That’s right, she’s not there!!!!!!!!)
Gross photo but I really wanted to do that ^
A(n almost) beautiful closure to Peter Pan stint which may not happen ever again.

AHHHH can’t bring myself to type in proper English but okay I’m going to make a conscious effort from here onwards.

#2 Anniversary with FBN

Look at me! I’m an Oscar Award winner!
(Background story: Bought him a mini version of that trophy ages ago and he somehow found the giant girlfriend version of the trophy)

I love you.

You make me very very happy (most of the time).

Even if I play 5 Spades because of you.

You > Bridge ANYTIME


#3 OP Prep with Teh Tarik

These little derps popped over during Deepavali – celebrated it with pizza and PW! Thank you for the fun and laughter guys. #WR24 #CHEATORNOT


Jiayou guys for OP on Monday – we can do it! :)

#4 Athena FO

With my baes.
Spot S!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes she’s there (have to make up for the mean comment up there)

Only decent photo from my camera roll with Foofoo!!

Generally the day didn’t go too great but thankful for the company :)

#5 Dramafest @ NY

Attended as S’s hot date… 5th year at Dramafest :)

In case you’re wondering, that pink thing you see is my bag……. not anything else. Hahaha.

Thank you for being the same – clumsy ball of noisy shit but still a sweet little pie. I love you a lot a lot baby YOU APPEARED THRICE SO FAR??

With Mr Ng!!!

:) :) :)

Good job TCN if anyone is reading this (I know there are a few little creeps) – you guys did it yet again :)

#6 School (in general)

S7C’s celebration for Oct-Dec babies!
(One of the best class photos yet?! And FBN was resting his CHIN on my head and YES it actually hurts babe)

Our practice venue for OP….. HAHAHAHAHA.

Happy Ho Shuen!!

Nadia’s photo shoot!!!!

Last class photo of the school term (look at Mary!!!!!!!)

Mr Tan treated us to prata and milo – great stuff! Thank you so much Mr Tan :)

Thank you you guys for the crazy year – we’ve been through quite a lot together and I just want to say I love y’all for being ridiculous and lovely (and bad influence). WO AI NI MEN

And not to forget FBN for everything :) Without you in my class I think life will be vastly different. You are the best and you know it ;)


Also to end off this trashy blog post, I’d like to say I enjoyed The Judge a crazy lot.

Even though I claim to be downright shallow (won’t deny this), I enjoy myself a good movie that is not necessarily in the rom-com genre.

This was honestly one of the most amazing movies of the year and the 141 minutes spent in the cinema felt as long as a minute. Really, really enjoyed it. Please go catch it if you’ve nothing better to do!!
(Intend to watch Love, Rosie and The Best of Me as well – CANT WAIT)
AND AND AND HUNGER GAMES – more crazy over JLaw than the story itself, but like I said I’m shallow.


Thank you for reading this crappy post.

I think it takes a lot not to press the red circle on your left or the x on your right.

Or close the tab on your phone or whatever.

You stay happy and if you’re taking OP, all the best and jiayou!!

Remember to smile because nothing beats a great smile.

Try not to smile throughout though, that’ll be a little creepy.

See you soon with a meaningful blog post!

And question of the day – have not forgotten!

I really really want to find out.

I dont understand how people function in a dark/dimly-lit environment SO I HAVE TO ASK THIS.

Oh wait and I love you beefy you’re my best friend forever

Thank you for making me feel happier when I’m feeling so dayum upset. You’re the best and go on and enjoy life now that OP is over!!!