I may be the only one excited to be back on this space, but I hope you know I’m happy to connect with you again.

If you’re an old reader:

I’ve missed you! Remember how I always used to say when you’re reading my blog, it’s just you and me in the world? It’s true. Look at us having a conversation. Even though you always don’t seem to respond, I appreciate your presence. And your poll replies – I’ve missed those too. Throwback to those days I made y’all vote between sweet and salted popcorn, or if you’d rather not have an elbow or a knee.

If you’re a new reader:

Hi! You’re probably confused right now. How do I introduce this space?

There’s nothing much to look back on right now because I have privated all 65 pages worth of my older posts.

The oldest one goes all the way back to November 2011.

But I’ve kept 4 posts on here:

a) My BBDC post –  I think this is probably the only reason why I am still getting traffic on this space. I hope it helped lots of people, because if I can get a driving license, so can you. You can laugh at me but you shouldn’t laugh at female drivers in general by the way!

b) My Struggling Student post – because I spent a lot of time writing that post. It’s pretty embarrassing but it’s pretty close to my heart… I feel things when I read that post!

c) My 20 moments post – there are only 10 moments on that post, but basically you’ll get to know me as a person after reading through that. Basically sums up my schooling life.

d) My OBS post – my moment of glory when Outward Bound Singapore shared this on their Facebook page! It’s still getting hits, so I figured some little ones will be over-excited and google OBS before their camp. Not sure how much of it is still the same, but yes, same logic: if I survived OBS, so can you. HAHAHA.

I’ve really missed writing on this space. Most of my other posts are nonsensical because all the images are gone (if you’ve been here long enough, you know why) and completely ridiculous. They are my kind of ridiculous, so I’ll keep them for my own reading pleasure. I think you probably have a few questions in your head.

Why did I stop?

I have no idea – but it’s probably because I got tired of posting every Saturday. I’ve exhausted my creative brain juices and my posts just became an open diary of my life. What I did that week, what I ate that week… and I’m someone who sticks to routines. My friends told me it’d be easy to kill me because I always “eat the same thing“. They’re still my friends. HAHAHAHA. But it got me thinking that I was sharing way too much of my life online, so I just stopped. The writing feels also stopped. Therefore my vocabulary is still comparable to that of a Secondary Three student (or worse).

Why am I back?

I have no idea. Since I stopped writing on this space consistently, I didn’t feel the need to check back, but when I did, sometimes I’d see a comment or two, and I’d reply them and go on my way.

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing again for a long time now, and I’m not saying I’ll be consistently updating this space, but at least I have gathered some more life stories to share.

I miss having things to look back on.

I find myself back here reading 10 pages worth of posts, before scurrying off because I really do have better things to do :-(

I’ve hopped across many different social media platforms to jot down bits and pieces of my life… but it’s not the same la.

Not to mention my cousin is still paying for my domain after so many years (thank you G, I really appreciate it!!) and it is such a waste to throw this away.

Also because my mum is my biggest fan, and she has been telling me to update this space again and again from time to time.

I have a whole list of stories I want to share! They’re currently in my iPhone notes. It’s a bit daunting to start writing again, but I shall not be ashamed of myself… ahaha.

This is my form of stress relief also hahaha school has been pretty hectic, but fulfilling nonetheless.

Anyway, if you’re interested to stay around, consider subscribing (it’s at the sidebar!) – I have nothing to benefit from that la but you’ll receive notifications when I post.

I can’t promise a weekly one, but I promise I’ll be back very soon.

Because I have a thing for writing close to exams, and my finals are coming in 6 weeks.

Ha ha ha.

In fact, CA2 just ended yesterday.


Anyway… theres not much in this post actually. Just a friendly “hello I’m back!” and you can look forward to the next few posts.

Some of them are pretty exciting if I can say so myself.

Sorry there isn’t anything substantial in this one, but I just wanted to formally introduce myself again. If you’re itching to read something, you can just scroll down!

Before I say good night…

I’ll leave this here! I’m curious to know what you guys would like to read about too :-)

We have a bit to catch up on!

(If you have anything… just fill this in. Your response will be visible to only me!)