This, being my first post of the year, feels like it has some sort of imaginary standard to live up to, but this year I’ve decided to make my blog a more private space, only for those people who care to read.

I’ve decided to completely forgo blogging about Spain/Portugal/Andorra because it happened a month ago, and because sad things happened (company was amazing, nonetheless!) I refuse to embark on the journey of recounting it. The first week started off really fantastic, but after Day 7 (the day I started to fall sick), things went downhill, slowly but surely. I am still glad we all managed to come back safely! Maybe I’ll talk about it another day.

Want to keep the negative vibes out of this space because I want to start the first post of the year bright and chirpy! And what better way to do that than to share pictures of people I care about? Haha, not in the creepy way. I took these photos with their knowledge :)

I’ve been feeling what you truly call a gamut of emotions over the past 2-3 weeks into the year – sadness, happiness, excitement, fear, anger, blablabla and I know life’s not supposed to be all sunshine and unicorns, but it really took a toll on my emotional state. It’s exhausting emoting so much, you get me? I don’t know. Hahaha.

Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve met up with so many people I care about and I want to note it down here (even though I’ve noted it down already on Instagram, but this place is really special to me, just so you know! BTW also want to share some views on the very controversial Instagram but not here today)  – being an introvert, it really draws energy from me. When I hear people talk about their personality types yadayada in the past, I confess I really dismissed them with an “oh, cool” kind of response, but I’ve realised that it is important to understand how one functions and these tests (MBTI/16PF/bla) really help consolidate some personal features you otherwise won’t be bothered to grasp. I don’t know if this is a ridiculous thing to say. While you shouldn’t overdo it with the “I only make friends with people whose personality types are compatible with mine” thought, I think it’s interesting to gain some insight as to who you are! Of course you are way more special than what those four letters tell you (I’m an INFJ!) but I think they provide a pretty accurate description!

ANYWAY aimless rants aside, let’s take a walk through memory lane as to what happened the past year (HAHA 17 days, I mean).

01/01/2016 – spent the first few moments with FBN in Suntec City’s countdown + my dad was there as well because he felt he would be too bored at home. We just caught Ip Man 3, which frankly wasnt the most amazing movie to me, but that may be because I’ve never seen Ip Man 1/2 so there wasnt enough time to build up emotions…


The first minute of 2016, with the confetti and balloons flying in the background (and The Sam Willows on stage?) This was probably the most exciting moment of the entire event, and people scurried home at the same time, resulting in a ridiculous jam where we stayed stationary for almost 45 minutes at some random road.

Dad was slightly delirious and mumbled incoherent things (he was awake, but sleepy) while we waited for the roads to clear. It was a fun start to the year.

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Also met up with Mr Pang for some Ippudo Ramen (he kindly treated us, and we told him we’d return the favour after getting some pay and release of A Level results)! Also went to Kinokuniya to pick up a few books heh heh heh.

02/01/2016 - I think this day was spent reducing sleep deficit and there wasn’t much done except eating and sleeping. Yikes.

03/01/2016 - Watched FBN shave his head (he was smiling after the initial shock) and recorded the whole process outside the salon because the staff refused to let me video him close-up……… And we had dinner together with his family as well as mine.

Also watched Star Wars 7 that night, and again it was a decision made on impulse because I haven’t caught Star Wars 1-6 either. To me, it wasnt the most exciting as well but it really wasnt too bad.

04/01/2016 - day of enlistment for FBN… Day -19 of his return, aka book-out (and Day -21 to his book-in day)

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He wasnt dreading the experience at all, which is already a very good mindset because it’s really all about the mind. Mind over matter!!

And even though I am feeling pretty upset at the moment…



These 2 years will fly by quickly, and we’ve been in contact every single day!! Cannot wait for Friday to come this week :) I think I’ve developed some sort of reliance having seen him for almost every single day from the Prelims period up till 4 Jan but thankfully times have changed and keeping in contact is much easier – I will make do with what I have!!

05/01/2016 - this day was spent with my mother and sister, and I also got this huge rabbit sweet soft toy from Naiise, where I quickly used to substitute FBN hahaha I am such a creep. Sprayed FBN’s cologne on it so it smells like him! The 3 of us also got to spend quality time together and I remember laughing like a crazy woman while my mum bought bedsheets from a fairly enthusiastic salesman. Mum kept asking him for more discounts, and he was clearly pissed off that my mum didn’t understand that it was already priced a ridiculously low price that cannot be beaten. Hahahaha. Mum did buy 2 sets of bedsheets for the new year from him and you can tell he was glad.

06/01/2016 - met up with the CM girlies who are the reason why I survived the 2 years in JC and got into more trouble that I’d like!! HAHAHA I really love them and they’re really brilliant individuals who all have a great brain, a great sense of humour and a warped sense of morals (I mean this in the best way possible HAHA)

We spent the day before coming up with exciting plans, like cycling, kayaking, etc. but the adult fare issue really got to XJ and we settled for food (x3 places) and a movie – The Beauty Inside. It was honestly pretty captivating throughout but when you think back, it could have been shorter and less dramatic. The lead actress is also really good (can’t say the same about the lead actor and you’ll know why if you give this movie a Google) :)

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07/01/2016 - Had a lunch date with Joey Tay (I still regret the day I shouted “Joey Tay” really loudly in front of her parents D: – it was graduation night and I wanted a photo….. desperately?? HAHA KIDDING but it was impulsive) and we had incredible ramen. Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Those are marshmallows….

And with her loud voice, before giving it to me, she shouted:


The dude next to us turned and looked at us (her) weirdly and I was really embarrassed.

But she’s such a cute little bundle of jo(e)y, and it was lovely catching up with her after so long, and somehow we managed to talk for 2 hours straight without realising and we both had to leave soon after!!!

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Went to meet da #LSXJYS (i.e. TCN Batch ’13 but we decided we needed a funky name) for dinner!! Met up with a whining (she really wasnt but I have to match this adjective to her name all the time for the fun of it, but she eventually whined after a while) JM and a sick June Yu (who was half-drunk on her meds and couldn’t hear properly), followed by a fashionably late LSL (who had to kiss goodbye to bae so ok wtv) and da berrybabe who had work! We settled for DTF despite adventurous Swee Choon plans, but it was really a cozy dinner, with me picking out all the Tang Hoon from the Xiao Cai they love (much to LSL’s unhappiness)…….. oh yes how could I forget!!! We celebrated LSL, mine and JM’s birthdays at random junctures throughout the day. Let me go into detail.

SL’s birthday was/is on 1 July, and last year we gave her an empty box for her present because we told her we’d be getting her something better (we didn’t, I think JM gave stickers on our behalf but I can’t be sure) – but JM bought her a Tsum Tsum she kinda half wanted (I assume) and we celebrated and sang a song at Starbucks for LSL.

Also, LSL also told us Mr Nick Ng wished us all the best for our As at the end of the dinner. Which was on 7 Jan 2016. What is wrong with all of us? I have no idea.

Next, we celebrated JM’s birthday (truly on 9 Jan) by poking two toothpicks into the complimentary Tang Yuans from DTF because we spent over a 100 bucks in total. What is wrong with us x2? I have no idea. It was half-assed and we assured JM the next time we meet, there’ll be a proper present and celebration. That’s what we always say.

Lastly, there was a gift-presentation ceremony for me after JM’s birthday cake blowing (she blew the toothpicks. WIWWU x3) and I was really caught by surprise because I didnt expect any presents, since they really all lovingly wrote me a letter (x2, one in book and one separately) + a bouquet of lovely red roses. The phone cover really shouts me and I really liked it.

My birthday was/is on 23 July.


But even though we are certainly a crazy bunch of people, I am very much in love with you guys and am thankful NY presented me the four of you. I hope we’ll remain close all the way till the end of time.

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I have my passport now, and a sleepover should be coming. YES? yes.

Why do I need a passport for a sleepover? WIWWU x5.

08/01/2016 - Met up with JoanieWoaniePoanie for lunch!

I must tell you my tragic story. One fine night, Joan sent me a picture of a cafe (which I later found out to be Loof) which sells chilli crab sauce with fries. She knows I love ‘em crabs and fries (a pity there is no matcha x hazel combination if not she’d love it but i think she will settle for…… JK HAHAHA what a great pun) ANYWAY we decided that we were going to eat there together, even though she isn’t passionately in love with fries the way I am.

The day (or 2) before, I found out that it only opened at 5pm, and Joan had dinner plans on so we couldn’t possibly go there. We decided to go HV instead, and to perhaps eat Everything with Fries. But considering how Joan isn’t in love with fries + I had a previous terrible dining experience at EwF (the amount of oil that came out upon a bite of their shrimp paste chicken….. nono) we settled for ramen at HV which turned out to be pretty dang amazing. Even though I’ve been to HV a couple of times, Ive only eaten at 4 places – this ramen place, Craft Bakery, EwF and Hatched.

Ate at the ramen place and talked till the staff came and placed the bill on our table (a.k.a. GET OUT OF MA RESTAURANT hint 1) and we decided to leave and take lovely shots.

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This photo will be cherished by me and kept for future purposes. HAHAHAHA.

09/01/2016 - went on a sporty date with QTPF: conquered Southern Ridges (sorta). I think we cleared 8 or 9 checkpoints! It was really a fun day out with these kids and I really appreciate their company through Sec 4/JC!!!!! Am thankful for them and the craziness they bring. Our personalities are vastly different… but I’m glad we stuck pretty close :)

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I forgot who (Lian?) spotted this adorable Milo balloon and to get it, we had to buy 18 (+6 free) milo packets… I really wanted it at that moment but when we really got it I did feel a bit of humiliation, which amplified after little kids started staring. Eventually we took turns holding Milo (name of Balloon) but I think Lian deserves the most credit. We also bought Twisties and redistributed the food such that everybody got 6 packets of milo and 2 packets of twisties. I really love these girls!

10/01/2016 - met up with LSL and Yvette, with our original plans to head to Loof for dinner…………………….. AND MY HEART SHATTERED when I realised it was closed on Sundays. Really not meant to be there but I’ll keep trying and one day I’ll get there. HAHAHA. But we had a good old dinner at Bonchon (with pretty damn spicy chicken) and yummy ramyun. Also walked to Bugis Street for the first time with LSL and got ourselves some Koi thereafter!!


Also sat on the amazing Downtown Line – I am really in love with this MRT station and wish it came earlier. But it’s alright because better late than never!

11/01/2016 - sleepover Day 1 with the one and only LYY!! Love her to bits and pieces kiss kiss. We had an adventurous day planned (and they did come to fruition):

1. Cycling at ECP

We went all da way to Gardens by the Bay using the new route (sorry I doubted you Mary) and it took less than an hour to go there and back. The highlight of the cycling experience will definitely be the mini highway that was really steep – that really worked out our muscles.

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2. Joy at i12

Before that, we had a lovely lovely lovely lunch at the food court, she had Bibimbap and me Pepper Lunch! For some very odd reason, the food was delicious (VERY, VERY, VERY DELICIOUS) and we cleared them all.

We then watched Joy and ordered mixed popcorn….. and halfway through she was upset  I ate all her sweet popcorn HAHAHAH but it quite a cool fusion after eating purely salted popcorn for my entire life. FBN used to eat only sweet popcorn as well, so when we used to watch movies back in those days, we’d order mixed also and I would always tell the server “more salted, please”. I am proud to announce that FBN is a full salted popcorn convert now. HAHAHAHAH BUT beef also appreciated the saltiness ok. I don’t know why most of you guys only eat sweet popcorn YOU SHOULD TRY SALTED POPCORN.

That’s not the point.

Anyway we watched Joy and it was really a pretty good movie – I think my love for J Law kept me going, and even though I am upset Bradley Cooper only appeared for perhaps less than 15 minutes in total, I can say with conviction I enjoyed the movie, but I can’t speak for all la!! But I loved it.

3. Zumba with my Aunt and LYY

Haha it was my second time there and beef said she had great fun! Class is really quite fun – we walked over from i12 without knowing there was a light drizzle before that and we bought bread for dinner. HAHA so cute.

4. Roti Prata with Mum and Sis @ Mr Prata 

We had a great supper (and probably ate back everything we tried to lose at Zumba) and for the first time I saw beef drink Teh Halia – BASICALLY milk tea with ginger omg it was mildly terrifying but she loved it. It really isn’t my favourite drink but it’s really good for health…………… in this aspect we are complete opposites (and in many others as well but opposites really attract).

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Match the photo to the event! HAHAHAHA.

12/01/2016 - this is day 1.5 of sleepover, because we watched Pan before going to bed at 2 am. It was not bad a movie at all and I really enjoyed it as well – saw the trailer A LOT of times over 2015 before all sorts of movies, and it surprisingly turned out pretty awesome (because I think no expectations) – I liked it a fair bit.

We had Japanese buffet at a place near my house for lunch, and I love love love love the food there (pretty pricey tho damn) and I seldom eat beef, but when I do, it’s there!! I don’t know how they do it. But it’s great.

When we came back, we played Cards Against Humanity (sister is really into this…) and LYY was really a clear winner I NEVER KNEW HAHAHAHA she had all the funny good old cards and it was just very enjoyable playing with her and my sis. Mum hates this game after she played it once with sis and I.

Then beef had to go home because her sis was flying off and that marked the end of the annual sleepover session </3

Time spent with beef is always golden.

13/01/2016 - that day was a self-declared ME DAY where I spent all day trying to figure out how to make miniatures using clay on my own, and the pretty terrifying toaster oven my sister bought for my Christmas present. I say it’s pretty terrifying because I have no idea what the temperature settings are (labelled “Low”, “Medium”, “High”) and I thought the manual would give a rough gauge, but NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. I googled online, and nobody said anything. Is this normal? Eventually, I found a general thread and they provided an estimate for the L/M/H settings in general (not even PANASONIC per se) but the clay didn’t burn so wahoo. Not going to share photos here because inferiority complex kicking in, but I think I did a pretty decent job in my bread-making. I don’t think I’ll have much time in the future to dabble in this so I’ll make the most of my holiday heh.

14/01/2016 - went back to TNS to visit my all-time favourite teacher, Weng Lao Shi! He’s truly been an amazing teacher, and he taught me in P4, P5 and P6 – different subjects. I think they were Chinese, PC and Art respectively (my art was/is terrible). I remember putting in a lot of effort into my Xiao Lian Bi and he’d mark them with the same amount of effort. I liked to end off each exercise with a question for the teacher (to encourage interaction LOL) and I did this for all years, and for English as well, but no teacher ever gave me as long as a reply and bonus drawings like WLS did and I think that really encouraged me to squeeze my creative juices dry – I finished my book before my peers did and submitted more entries than necessary, and that spurred me on to do better in the subject as well. I think Primary School was the most glorious stage of my life hahaha, and I’m glad I ever got WLS as my teacher because his passion really motivated me to do the best I could at that point, which is something so incredibly hard to find as I grow older. I really respect him a lot!! And I adore his WO MEN ZHE YI BAN comic series – he’s a brilliant teacher, author and mentor. Really.

Also coincidentally met Jing En and Natalie and struck a conversation with them which I had to cut short because I had to go, but they otherwise look and feel almost the same (I don’t want to sound creepy) HAHA.


TNS also recently finished its reconstruction, and the staff and students are now back into the original campus. It’s amazing how half of it looks pretty much the same, but the other half is completely demolished and rebuilt. It’s a mix of old and new feels – stirs up enough of the past but not that much considering how half of it is beyond recognition.


Was a rainy gloomy day but I certainly felt really happy and warm inside! WLS also brought me on a tour around the school, and also saw a few familiar faces in the Staff Room :)



Position of stalls are also reshuffled and didn’t get to order any food which was a pity :( BUT I WILL BE BACK i think!!


My favourite snack shop – the snacks are almost completely different but this used to be my favourite shop. My mum used to pick me at the roundabout, and when I didn’t see her, I would leave my bag there and run into the school to buy some snacks. And FBN sometimes would come running in to tell me my mum was here HAHA mentioned this in a post before. He was (is) pretty cute.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset


Also met this adorable little boy.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset


He bravely came up to me and asked me to help him open his straw packet HAHAHA so adorable. The plastic was a little oily but he’s really too cute. Definitely P1 because he has a lanyard around his neck GAH I love little kids. A few of them were staring curiously at me as well and one tiny girl mastered a smile before running off. I must look like a creep sitting there smiling at them.



Jing En told me she saw a photo of me at some stairwell HAHAHA look at that t00t face. You can also see FBN at the other end when he still had nice skin and looked cute. HAHAHA. This was at Shandong at P5 for some immersion programme, and our principal then (Mr Tony Tan) and WLS came along as well!

Ahh. I really had fun that day back in TNS :’)

WLS also gave me his newest book from his comic series, autographed HAHAHA I AM truly thankful and appreciative for his guidance over the years :’D

15/01/2016 - Met up with Xin Yi after 2+ years!!



She is certainly different from the girl she used to be – in a good way, and as she said, we really both matured over the years (her more than me HAHAHAHA) and I really appreciate her honesty and the fact that we both love to establish genuine deep relationships. I am really touched by the fact that she even wrote me a card/bought me a present for my birthday LAST year and a very meaningful Christmas gift as well. Makes me feel really guilty about my less exciting presents… this will change in the upcoming year and beyond!! Really lovely talking to her about both recent events and older events and thank you for putting in the effort to catch up with me <3

16/01/2016 - spent the afternoon doing Popin’ Cookin which I have been looking forward to for a long time now, and it fell below my expectations (what was I expecting?!) HAHA.

My mum bought me this fries/burger set for my birthday last year, but I never got down to doing it until last Saturday, and I don’t think I’ll ever purchase another set in the future. My mood really dropped and I felt like a lonely cat lady at home HAHA and sister came to complete it with me. Thank goodness.

To be honest the food tasted really bad – the fries smelt kinda like potatoes but not really after microwaving it, and the bread was awful, the meat smelt like meatballs but still tasted awful, the ketchup was the only fine thing I guess – the cheese was bad too. The cola (had high expectations because people said it was good) was also very terrifying.

My rating for it is 1/10.

1 because it gave me some form of excitement but it crashed thereafter.

That said, this is a biased review because how amazing can powder + water taste like? I don’t know.

But if you have to choose between getting real food and Popin Cookin, you know what to get.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset


My stuff looked kinda bad also which means it isn’t that easy to do HAHAHAHAHA BUT REALLY LA use the money on real food.

So that’s about all I wanna share, and surprising I hit 4000 words what on earth.

I guess once I start, I can’t really stop.

Hope you had fun reading as much as I had fun recounting the events.

Looking forward to more sessions with all you stunning individuals and dinner dates.

Jiayou in everything you’re doing/embarking on!!

See you guys soon.

(I have so many deep posts in mind, will get down to posting them one day)

-4 days to FBN’s bookout day whoopeedoodledoo.



Ok time for nightly call, bye!

P.S. today went really fantastically well and I never felt happier in such a long while wahoo

P.P.S. pardon typos, these are real raw emotions HAHAHA

P.P.P.S. i hope this nice long update makes up for the pretty long hiatus