You know when you flip open that TIME magazine and there’s this page titled “Briefing” and there’s this Good Week/Bad Week thing?

That’s exactly what I am doing.

Nothing much to say this week and life hasn’t been that exciting but yes! Let me continue with my nonsensical concept for the post :)

Going to start with nasty stuff first, so we can end off on a good note HAHAHA.

By the way I’m really trying to put in effort to blog weekly – please applause!


#1 I was pretty much sick the entire week – and it was a terrible experience. I think I’m 94.6% recovered but there may be a chance of relapse given my crazy meal today (and yesterday). I have been sick for the past few Januarys – it is quite unsettling how I can remember this – and I think it’s just my body throwing a fit about having to return to school. Life will get better.

#2 Actually this isn’t about me but when you mess with people I love………. YOU’RE GOING DOWN (even if it isn’t physically, you’re down in the blacklist HAHAHA)

Haha I think if I blogged last night, this post would have been so much aggressive and insane, but I learnt the importance of thinking thrice before posting sh!t to the Internet. And you should too.

Often when people say terrible things and do terrible things whether to myself or in general, I don’t think I have the courage to confront them?? Like inside my head I’ll be screaming my lungs out and cursing (maybe not) but outside I’ll just be expressionless (and when I am it is apparently quite scary – I love it when I can instil fear because that hardly ever happens) and quiet!!

Therefore the only platform I have left to have an angry voice of my own is over here and that sounds pretty pathetic. I assure you I always speak up in real-life when necessary. HAHAHA.

Actually I had this vague idea where I should start from but it disappeared so I’ll just go straight to the point la: please don’t say mean things to other people just to stir them up or to see them in distress? Honestly it isn’t impressive to make fun of/be rude to people just because they appear like they don’t care. As human beings we all have emotions – whether you choose to show it or not – and even if the effect of harsh words/behaviour is minimal on the outside, you’ll never know how deep your actions can hurt. There’s really no point to go out of your way to be intentionally mean to someone else whether you’re joking or not?? In fact it can get pretty dayum annoying and that’s not cool for both parties.

Always da3 bao4 bu4 ping2 for you because your contributions are clearly significant but people always seem to take advantage of you/say stupid things to you just because it seems like you’re aloof and all. At the end, I guess it’ll be very easy for you to tell apart the genuine people among the ones with the masks. Love you – please jiayou and don’t let the negativity of others affect you!! x

#3 Handed in a badly done assignment/essay for Econs tutorial and it left me feeling pretty terrible because it was honestly like crap and I didn’t think it needed to be handed in?? The face when Mr Tan returned it was just of wu2 nai4 and it just made me feel worse about myself :(

But moral of the story: work hard for every assignment/tutorial and try not to be half-assed – it’s important to treat every homework with care and love, whether it is to be submitted or not!! (Will try my best for this)


#1 Everything that happened went generally well – except for #3 mentioned above HAHAH. Even though I was feeling the worst I felt all week, headed down to Open House… hopefully didn’t spread any germs HAHA (pretty sure I didn’t)! A few photos with people I managed to take a photo with, and it is clear I look disoriented because I really was. Brain was fuzzy and everything I did was questionable (so much so XJ scolded me during Bio Prac on Monday because of stupid things I did that I can no longer remember HAHA)

IMG_4225.PNG IMG_4227.JPG IMG_4235.JPG

Only regret: didn’t take a proper photo with FBN!! But if you are my friend on Twitter you’d have seen my terrible attempt at making that happen HAHA.

Also besides Open House, there were several other happy happy moments as well! All captured in photos below :)


XJ looking like an ultra psycho in all the photos we took, so that’ll have to do!

They make lessons much much much much much more tolerable :)

(Plus now everyone has Bitmoji – super duper cute, I love you all)


Don’t really want to caption this but yes we losers, but happy losers???

(Yvette Tan please don’t laugh anymore)


Off to Prata House for supper with the cute boy, more photos below HAHAHA.


Picture with adorable Juneyu which made time fly super quickly!

#2 Great, great food. Even though I was sick all week, I had really good food. By Thursday I think I was 78% recovered so I started getting a bit out of control. But I am still eating clean.

Please first appreciate this picture of Clair and me eating fruits on Fried Food Friday (FFF).

IMG_4290.JPG IMG_4358.JPGHAHAH I am really loving myself some watermelon slices.


GOOD WEEK: mum bought crazy amount of Fruity Pebbles (the cereal) to eat with my Yami Yogurt :) :) :) Have two full tupperwares of that and feeling so incredibly happy IMG_4206.JPG

Finally got to eat my favourite Fish Porridge again this week! Mum has a great way of cooking it and I love it a lot. IMG_4182.JPG

The next time you go to Din Tai Fung you should definitely order this if you don’t know the existence of it already. It’s the xia1 bing3 thing that is ultra good – no regrets.

We also went to Prata House – NOT ONCE BUT TWICE in a week?!

Is it called Prata House or Mr Prata? Okay Im not sure but it’s the one hidden deep inside and is super duper inaccessible. Wanted to get ourselves some prata at midnight of 31 Dec but it was packed… prata is pretty impressive to say the least. They have all kinds of flavours!


This is called Tissue Prata – meh, didn’t enjoy it a lot!


Cheese Prata – this one was amazing, and reasonably priced at $2.50! FBN loves this a lot a lot but I think ultimately I’m still a fan of the classic original flavour plain prata. IMG_4350.JPG

Today we finally went to eat dinner back at Sin Heng BKT?? It’s at Joo Chiat AND I LOVE IT. When I was younger, my ganma used to bring me here for lunch :) Favourite Bak Kut Teh! Not sure if you can relate but it’s always magical to eat something you’ve always loved since you were a child. :’)

#3 Visit to SAS

Second time back to SAS and saw familiar faces :)

This time, I interacted a lot with Aunty Rita! She was so welcoming and lovely and she held an adorable raccoon soft toy she named Ricky. She shared with me many stories and how Ricky managed to save the lives of two other residents at the SAS! Really meaningful visit once again :)

But sometimes I’m feeling really guilty – like my mum says, I should spend more time with my Ahma before heading out to accompany and interact with elderly. Really very thankful for my ahma :) This week she made us super duper yummy stewed meat!! Ahma, ai ni duo duo. :)


And yes, this poll is back by popular demand. Today’s question is incredibly stupid, but still cant wait to see your responses!

Let Week 3 be amazing – you’re in control.

Much love to you :)

Oh please check out this photo of XJ being overly creepy to Isabel who seems very much less into her:

IMG_4293.JPGHAHAH super cute la both of them

And ending off my post with a scary picture of a very cute girl

IMG_2458 copy

Have fun on Monday and Wednesday and Monday and Wednesday and Monday and Wednesday and Monday and Wednesday…………………………………….. flick well!!

P.S. Stress is building up omgad it’s only the end of Week 2. TWO T W O