Eh Why You Like That One

Hi pineapple tarts.

(Lol stole this from 

Anyway I cannot understand my secret obsession with pineapple tarts. I don’t even eat them/like them.

Okay now I sound creepy.

But pineapples look really cute, no?

Okay I stop.

Last week has been pretty crazy and overly-Japanese, and hence I’m taking my well-deserved break from Japanese until O’s strike… which is 1 month from now.


Last week wasn’t the most exciting week because Japanese pretty much took up all of my afternoons meh. And I can’t even remember what happened already. Too much tofu in my system.

Gotta stop the tofu intake because EOYs are approaching in less than a month and this is not fun at all.

(In case you’re utterly confused about tofus, click here for a credible-looking article about how high tofu intake can lead to memory loss)

In all seriousness, I need to pull my socks up all the way to my earlobes because I’m currently as wobbly as a tofu. And that is not good. I need to be as sturdy as a pineapple. Pineapples are sturdier than tofus.


Which brings me to basically what I want to rant a little about.

If no one has ever told you “eh why you like that one” or “eh why you like that” or “eh why you” or “eh”, GET OUTTA HERE you probably won’t understand. But the chances of people saying “eh” to you is pretty high… so I guess you’re staying on to read.

See, I was right.

Unless you’re clicking out right now. :(

And that wasn’t even the main point.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure it’s not a “these days” kinda thing, but people just always seem to be comparing.

Comparing you to this, that, her, him, it, them, us, Peter, Fatimah, your pet dog, your iPad, that tree outside your house, your window grills… the pineapple tarts………….

Really, anything under the sun.

I have no idea why I included Peter and Fatimah. (I do not know any Peters/Fatimahs personally)

And it gets incredibly tiring, on the part of the “comparer” and the “comparee”.


Ok it’s not funny.

And sometimes, or maybe even often, the comparer and comparee (I know they’re not real words. Stop laughing at me.) are the same person.


(did you get that dramatic moment)

And it’s often good to compare yourself to others but when you’re overdoing it.. nuh uh girl. You need tofu.

Why do people compare?

And most of the time, it makes them upset and all because people look at what others have and then look at themselves then look at others again and at themselves until their self-esteem just hits rock bottom.

Unless you’re a pretty unique person (read: half-psycho) who compares your strengths with other people’s weaknesses… Eurgh.

But I honestly think it’s just asdhiwueh27183612jnsbgqwusaijlqaklqkloq1u837y when OTHER people compare YOU to XXXXXX.

Like, when people say, “eh why you liddis” or “eh y u liddat” or “oi” because they’re already comparing you to someone else?

But there are varying degrees.

#1 Normal Level

For example, if you cut someone’s queue, people behind be like, “EH WHY THIS PERSON LIDDAT ONE” because they’re comparing you to a normal person who goes to the back of the queue and waits patiently, i.e. them.

And yeah its wrong to cut queues by the way. MOVE TO THE BACK unless you have a nice friend in front who’s willing to help you. And provided you don’t bring 123812039102432984723.655329812 people to cut queue along with you. (I don’t know why there’s the decimal place there lol)

#2 Abnormal/Psycho Level

I think we’ve all somehow or the other been compared to people who are better than us by other people.

“Cheetahs can run so fast WHY YOU CANNOT”
“Ah Poot got grade 10 piano WHY YOU CANNOT”
“Dictionary can tell me the meaning of Floccinaucinihilipilification WHY YOU CANNOT”
“Ah Toot got 101/100 WHY YOU CANNOT”
And it goes on and on and on… (and it goes on and on and on)

Yeah, I put my hands up in the air sometimes, saying aiyo, don’t want compare liao.

#3 Very Abnormal/Biantai Level

When YOU are the one who consistently compares yourself to other people.

All the time.

Sometimes, I think all we need to do is to take a chill pill, let down our hair, lie back and relax.

“Why compare yourself with others? No one in the entire world can do a better job of being you than you.” ~Unknown

This is really easier said than done.There will always be someone better than you in certain aspects, and there will always be someone weaker than you in certain aspects.

You’re truly much better than you think you are :) 
You’re beautiful.
Okay this was quite a pointless post.
But you deserve more credit than you give yourself!
Shake your booty!

Bye friends. Be happy!