“I have so many things I want to do after As.” – every J2 student ever

Haha yes it’s an exaggeration and Im guilty of saying the above so many times, but if you think about it… why does it seem like As is putting life on hold?

I feel like I deal with the same problem every year during examinations periods – suddenly I’m all ready for a series of action-packed activities after examinations conclude, and when they finally do, it’s like these plans never existed in the first place.

That said, I made my list of things I want to accomplish this year, because the future (eerily close) is pretty much unknown for the moment, and since I don’t have to worry about returning back to school in January… why not take note of them?

That leaves a couple of months for me to do certain things.

And as the title suggests, I really want to feast on crabs. Spend an entire day or an entire month, whatever HAHA.

I don’t know when this love for crabs started but I think it’s been growing exponentially over the years. Didn’t use (in this context apparently “used” and “use” are accepted wow) to dig seafood as much (I was pretty much fish-only) but then wow, one day it just hit me that I actually really like crabs.

This post is nonsensical.

But if you like crabs, let me know. Let’s throw a crab party – there’ll be black pepper, chilli, steamed (hot/cold), curry… you name it. I don’t dig salted egg but if you do, let’s include it in the menu.

Do you like crabs?


HAHAHAHA this stress is getting to me.

And I also really want to travel the world and go to all ‘em exciting places I’ve never been to before with people I love.


Okay back to Chem.

Jiayou jiayou.