Sometimes I wish I were clairvoyant.


When I was in primary school, I hated oral a lot. Or rather feared. Okay maybe both. Be it English or Chinese, I’ll freak out and then I’ll have stomachaches and I’ll start preparing 10 years before the actual exam.

And it was all cool and good when you could say something like “This picture depicts a scene of a ______.” or “????????____?????”

I’d take out the same old pictures and practice over and over again – sometimes even in both languages – and in hindsight it seems pretty retarded to keep practicing oral.

Then during the actual exam date I’ll be chill and all when everyone’s desperately trying to describe the little nitbit portion about a cockroach nibbling litter at the bottom left hand corner of the HDB Void Deck and that is real bad because it’ll affect the environment and cause diseases to spread. Throw in a little vocabulary no one has ever heard of, for instance, clairvoyance and people will be impressed.  

But yes that was (is) me.

In the upcoming weeks there’ll be many ordeals (like NAPFA yes HAHAHA) and of course, block tests as well as the Saibaba competition coming right up.

 Its the pre-oral period right now and hopefully I wont do too bad for my oral examinations these few weeks. If you know what I mean.