Hahaha. I’ve decided to write about this because of: How relevant it is How mysterious it is How emotional it is How tragic it is Yes. I am literally going to write about my latest allergy reaction. And I am demanding you to read about it. Before you decide to click away, let us just hold hands and hope this shall never happen to us ever (again, if applicable). Ok feel free to leave if this bores you. — The… Read more »

Remember I said I had the list of things I wanted to blog about at some point? I decided that the first thing I wanted to blog about was my allergic reaction (that is still ongoing). Yes. I even titled it “The Allergen”. It was slated to be my comeback post! I was halfway through it, and then I just stopped and thought to myself: WHO ON EARTH CARES ABOUT YOUR ALLERGIC REACTION? Ya… but I was still about to… Read more »