Hello there ;)

Named my title after one of the greatest horrors (aka relationship-destroyer)!!

No idea why idea, but let’s say I’m pretty impressed and actually adore this function when it isn’t used against me.

If you didn’t know, you can actually hold your own message in a group conversation and tap on “info” – that actually shows you exactly who read your messages at which minute, down to seconds.


This is especially handy when you’re supposed to relay messages and stuff and nobody bothers to reply you.

You’re welcome if you haven’t stepped into the creepier side of group messages.

(Been sharing this everywhere I go and saying hello to people who read my messages AND decided to ignore me #overlyattached)

No but seriously, for work, it can get pretty useful!

Everywhere I go people are complaining about how creepy WhatsApp has become… how terrible such a function is…. yadayada……………….

I’m really loving this function!! HAHAHAHAH

Have been meeting quite a lot of people for the past few weeks and I finally understand the whole “introverts need to recharge” idea firsthand – after meeting a lot of people, they tend to need to spend time alone to “recharge”. Sounds dubious? I know. But it is true.

(Have I mentioned in my blog I’m actually an INFJ?) (Was pretty into the 16personalities thing for a period of time during PW preparation)

Anyway here are some of my main highlights for the past couple of weeks:

#1 Ares FO – Incandescence

Actually to be honest I think FOs aren’t only about the venue/food/Fac Comm – the most important factor to determine how enjoyable an FO is really the company!! :) :) :)

Sharing HQ photos taken at the Photo Booth first heh!

Busy boy

With baby who was emcee (check out the microphone in her hand please)

Don’t really like Xinjie

With 7C!!!
Mum got a shock of her life when she saw and she thought something happened to my hand…………….. that’s not mine. Really.

Okay la she quite cute

With Adeline! :)

With JM who decided to settle down to play a couple of rounds of bridge HAHA

With Joan ;)

With April!!!

;) ;) ;)

With birthday girl!!!!

With babes!! (Rachelian in the phone y’all!!)

#2 Catchup with Sue/Lian/Becca @ Holland V

Technically this ice-cream shop was out of Holland V (can’t remember the name anymore….) and ice-cream was not bad!!

Sue’s present from us!!

And!!!! Met YM & Adel at D’good! (Didn’t eat there though…….. /stares at becca/)

And can check out disgusting becca forcefully holding hands with sue?!?!?! HAHAHA sue was like “stop it becca” “enough becca” HAHA which reminds me of so many golden quotes (mostly from Lian) as shared on my insta ;)

Great day with great people :)

#3 CIP @ KKH (second and last session lol)

Not very sure if I can take pictures but… HAHAHAH

This little girl didn’t know how to fix her puzzle, so this boy came to the rescue (voluntarily, after encouraging glances from me).
And after a great deal of effort was placed into fixing it, the girl just destroyed the whole thing and tried to fix it by herself from scratch.
The look on the boy’s face was priceless. HHHAHAHAHA.

This little baby boy was actually v cute until he started crying in my arms (lol which boy am i talking about)
KIDDING but yes after FBN handed the baby over to me, he started wailing and crying T.T
Secretly believe FBN saw him starting to cry then he let me hold the baby……

All these little kids are actually super adorable and lovely.

Golden Conversation #1

Dad: You don’t want to leave?
Kid: …
Dad: Then papa tomorrow come fetch you, okay?
Kid: Ok.

Golden Conversation #2

Dad: 5 more minutes we are leaving already.
- 5 minutes later -
Dad: Girl, let’s go already.
- girl runs to dad and whispers -
Dad: I already give you 6 minutes!
- girl whispers some more -
Dad: Ok 6 more minutes then we go.
- 6 minutes later -
Dad: We really must go already.
- girls runs to dad and whispers -
Dad: Last 7 minutes ah…

Super duper cute :’)

#4 Parents Appreciation Day @ Delta

Say hello to tormentor of the year!!

Haha kidding :) Love this girl a lot!! (hard not to after seeing her for most Mondays this year)
Next year we must increase spelling tests and math worksheets Aliqa.
She kept climbing onto me that day, and that set an example for other kids to follow.
I felt like Mt Hazel.

Smart little Nico who is totally into asteroids and Singapore’s MRT (he can memorise the whole map?!)

They’re both 7!

Didn’t get to take with other kids but take a look at Ira :) She dressed up as Elsa and was emcee for the night! She did a great job!!!

Went home pretty late that night but I really had fun that day :)

#5 Moments with Interact

Been busy with Interact matters the past 2 weeks but people are lovely and funny so it has been great fun!!

Caught Big Hero 6 with Joey, Zhi Qin, Rebecca and Ze Peng and I loved it!!
Really, really loved it.
Highly recommended esp for people who are emotional HAHAHA

Blur photo but what to expect

Also went Serene Centre with OCIP bunch!!

May everything for OCIP run smoothly as can be :(
Honestly quite worried!


#6 Great Food with Great People

This is insert-chapalang zone.

Yami yogurt really very yummy

Photo looks quite gross but I was craving u-mian the whole week!!!

Photo looks gross also but Japanese curry rice @ Iluma!! Twice in two weeks hahaha okay that’s not a lot but yum!!

Crystal jade with FBN one random afternoon!!

Heh that’s about it I think :)

Woke up pretty dayum early to send FBN off at the airport :(
Having his time of his life now la but haha wait till you come back……. ;)

Miss you la please come home soon and in one piece!!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) so cute

Also have been re-reading MSN chat logs from 2010 and so many adorable conversations and lovely memories!! Even though MSN is gone and nobody uses it anymore la but yeah. It once played a very important part of my nights at home!

Mama please get well soon :( I love you a lot a lot a lot.
I have been a good good girl ;) HAHAHAHAHA!

Okay guys, that’s it for today’s post!!

Seey’all next next week after OCIP :)

Stay awesome and happy!