This post was written on 12 October 2017. I love almost everything crispy (except crunchy leaves in salad…. not really a salad fan) hehe. A few years ago a good friend recommended me to try baking kale at home and she told me it tasted just like seaweed (which I love). It has been at the back of mind for a while now but never really got down to doing it… And recently my masterchef adventurous mama picked them up… Read more »

From my last post “On Friendship”… I thought it’d be interesting (for me) to write a series of posts with similar titles. I’m pleased with today’s title. — Sometimes I wonder why do McDonald’s fries taste so irresistibly good. Sometimes I wonder how can a supermarket giant like Cold Storage not stock up on Potato Wheels/Spin Crackers. (It’s the kind of snack that nobody actively buys but eats actively whenever a packet is open.) Sometimes I wonder what people are… Read more »