All will be worth it

Had this sudden urge to post a post on my WordPress.

Have this sudden gush (okay maybe not so sudden) of things to do and some stuff I’m participating actively in, some I know I havent been able to put in my everything.

A long long time ago, I used to think that people who cry all the time are “so young and foolish. pah.” (HAHAHAHAH KELDA’S LINE RN) but now I think I really do understand that feeling of despair.

Yes, thats when you roll your eyes right now and go “so emo. pah.”

Haha this is somewhat related to twitter. As I scroll through the timeline and see emo tweets I kinda reply them in my brain.


emogal_12: I want you to come back to me. I miss you and the fact that you always buy pineapples for me.
me: Okay. >:)

emoboi_6 (dont ask me why they’re multiples of 6.  HAHA COS THEY’RE 6-sy. Oh god whats wrong with me.) : When I look at my green shoes I think of how jealous you were of my pencil case and I miss that.

Breakdowns are scary things but people do have breakdowns once in a while (if you breakdown every day its unhealthy STOP IT) and oh god Im feeling so tired right now.

I keep digressing and its on purpose because okay lets move on to the next section.

Next week will be yet another busy week, similar to this week. It’s like a copy and paste.

Its a copy and paste from this week’s mad week. :’(

Monday 9pm. Tuesday 6pm. Wednesday 9pm. Thursday 6pm. Friday 9pm.

(Theres a reason why I didnt merely type the numbers)

Last year my school dismissal time were 6.30pm, 6pm, 1.30pm, 2.15pm, 6pm!

But guess what being busy is better.

As I addressed previously.

Im getting really tired nowadays and I catch myself falling asleep at like.. the first to second periods of school.

I mean I dont fall asleep but I keep dozing off and when Im too tired I have this secret method of attempting to hide my eyes from the teacher so she (presumingly) cannot see my eyes so I can close them. Hahah. I realized I wasnt the only one when I went sogurt yesterday with June Yu, Kelda and Jie Min. (Stupid Shin Ler had prize-giving stuff so she wasnt with us. Oh the irony.)


Okay so anyway after break I’m mostly awake. I guess. And by attempting to keep the people around me awake (they’re all dozing off please) and I try to be polite and ask if they’re in a good mood before I irritate them. I.e. grabbing Sueyu’s PE shirt off her chair and using it as a blankie for my face. And yes I do it when its not a sweaty shirt.

Here is a precious tip. If you want to keep someone awake you either poke them or untie their shoelace by strategically pulling off one side of the ribbon ;D If they tie double-knot shoelaces DAMMIT it’ll take longer to untie it but all with be worth it (pokes title above but thats not the context I’m putting it in in the first place) or just stick to poking. Some cheeky people pretend they arent scared when they’re secretly going crazy inside. I can be a psychologist. It’s like good deed done when you keep someone awake and its like beneficial to everyone because every student will be awake = teacher is happy every student is awake = teach better and happier and livelier = students absorb/learn more = students score well = principal, teachers and parents will be happy = they give you rewards = ultimately you’re happy again.

Its a tricky cycle but yes all will be worth it. Bet you didn’t expect a poke/untying someone shoelaces can be that cool. It’s okay being stupid in front of people you know (better, hopefully) because you know it ultimately makes them put on a (real/fake) smile which ultimately makes them somewhat happy inside. Unless you’re being stupid in front of people who barely know you then they’ll start judging you and think you’re a weirdo then essentially you’ll be outcasted and you’ll have to sit by the drain. I think my Secondary One junior judged me through her uncontrallable laughter at mewhat I said. Hahaha okay jokes aside, realllllllllllyyyyyy Im not being utterly ridiculous here.

Experiencing so much yay and nay right now but yes all will be worth it in the end.

Especially to the nays.

Its really hard to please everyone everywhere every moment.

And its even harder to please yourself when you know everyone else will be displeased.

It applies everywhere.

I shall live by two things this year (and yes my personal belief essay is total bullshit)

1. All love no hate (IM TRYING REALLY HARD)
2. All will be worth it in the end :)

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”

Dammit its such a biased quote.

But that’s how the world works.

Good night people.

In case you didnt know, the Fe 3+ (Iron III) cation, when reacted with Sodium Hydroxide causes the formation of reddish-brown precipitate.

And I think plays with songs as recurring symbols are really cool.

Why are adults so funny?
Of course they are, little one, and when you grow up, you’ll be funny too.